Sherdil Shergill 30th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Sherdil Shergill Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Sherdil Shergill 30 September 2022 Written Episode Update on

Sherdil Shergill Written Update

As the Episode opens, Are you crazy, Manmeet queries. Hussain claims that he is attractive, will resemble Anmol’s father, is idle here, and can assist you in freeing me. Raj is seen stepping out. She says, “I’ll meet you later,” and inquires as to his whereabouts. She adheres to him. Suddenly, Gunjan calls her. She states that I will just bring Anmol, and that’s all. Gunjan hangs up the phone in frustration. Raj walks in. The guy claims that visitors enter via the rear.

Is this a dancing club or a pub, she queries. Look there, he instructs. She reads the club of Kuku. She walks inside the club. She attends Raj’s stand-up comedy show. Raj enters the stage and welcomes everyone. Raj claims that I adore the crowd. He makes an introduction. Hearing his amusing one-liners, the crowd laughs. Manmeet finds him amazing. He claims that since I had two nieces and nephews my age when I was born and was referred to as Mama ji at that time, I acquired the moniker Mama ji Yadav. Everybody applauds him. Manmeet grinning.

After seeing her folks, Gunjan leaves. Raj makes fun of Shergil, his employer. He claims that while she works with 14 guys, she is a single lady. Manmeet listens while sitting. Gunjan takes phenyl out of the cabinet. Raj claims that although we consider the society while making decisions, she considers herself. She can manage any situation, and if you met her, you would likely think, “I’m impressed with my boss, but I don’t like her.” Gunjan sobs as she opens the bottle.

She is excellent, according to Raj; she is managing someone like me, whose thinking is limited; she has the world under her control; there is much in name; and she has changed from being Shergil to Sherdil. Gunjan collapses. Ajeet and Puneet hurry to look. They are startled. Raj performs onstage. He claims that since I’m not on any social networking sites, you can’t like, share, or subscribe to me. Please applaud for me instead, and I’ll say goodbye now. He departs. Manmeet scans the audience. Ajeet and Puneet hurry Gunjan to the hospital out of concern. Raj returns home. He makes a servant call. Goes to open the door on his own. Everyone get up, he says; go on. Raju receives a call from Bhairav and is told to come. He consumes. Raj is asked to sit. Raj apologises for the flowers.

If you want to make people laugh, you have to tell jokes to them, but Bhairav thinks it’s OK. Tell me if you still want to do stand-up comedy. Raj frets. Bhairav asks whether you recognise him after displaying a photo of him. Bhuvan chacha ji, says Raj. Bhairav claims that he formerly performed stand-up comedy. Raj claims that you used to get teasing. Yes, according to Bhairav, people used to stop me on the street and taunt Bhuvan. Raj claims that you previously informed me that the Sarpanch and his men severely beat Chacha Ji before setting fire to the home one day.

Facebook depicts the irate locals attacking Bhuvan’s family. Bhuvan was killed by beating by the locals. Bhairav claims that since the Sarpanch frightened us, I was forced to leave the area and go to Mumbai. He goes through the benefits and drawbacks of stand-up comedy with Raj. If you do that, he warns, I’ll break up with you because I can’t put my family in risk and I don’t want to lose you. He sobs while hugging Raj.

It’s morning, and Raj invites his nephew. Raj receives a call from Manmeet telling him to hurry home. He queries why. When I invite you, she inquires as to if you have a problem. I’ll go home, Raj replies, so she can correct me there. He visits Manmeet’s residence. Vidya closes the door after seeing him. Raj has arrived, she says. Let him in, Manmeet commands. Manmeet advises to offer this package to your mother. My mother had brought me chocolates, therefore I had planned to bring her the special meal.

He questions why she sent you halwa. Say gratitude to her, she responds, “Perhaps because I’m taking care of you.” Did you call me over for this, okay? he queries. If you respect me, you may say it in my face and give me applause, she says. He chuckles and replies, “Wow.” She claims that’s because you can’t click any button to “like,” “share,” or “subscribe” me. He is startled. She beams. He remembers Bhairav’s remarks. I didn’t realise you felt so positively about me, she claims.

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