Sherdil Shergill 29th September 2022 Written Update Episode

Sherdil Shergill Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Sherdil Shergill 28 September 2022 Written Episode Update on

Sherdil Shergill Written Update

Raj asks Janu, “What are you doing there?” at the beginning of the episode. He receives a reprimand from the girl, who also inquires about the identity of the infant. Manmeet halts her. Girl hands over phone. You had to wait because of me, she apologises. It’s alright, Manmeet responds; it was my pleasure. Girl departs. The call comes from Gunjan to Manmeet. What did you decide, Gunjan ass. What will I decide? Tell me, Manmeet begs. Gunjan claims that I have made this choice because I want my family at my side. Don’t disregard Anmol, advises Manmeet.

She is urged to cease by Gunjan. Manmeet queries, “What did you do?” I reply, “I simply stated I’ll go with Anmol. Who else does he have but me? Where am I going to abandon him and for what reason?” Your ego is saying this, claims Gunjan. Manmeet claims that I am his mother and the centre of his universe. If I were to leave him alone, what would I do to celebrate? Would I pretend to be single? Would I deny that Anmol is a part of my life? I’m telling you this for the last time because if I don’t, Dad won’t let it happen because he has a problem with Anmol not having a father and me not having a husband? Then, according to Gunjan, obtain a spouse from the market and find someone for the drama; my marriage shouldn’t have any issues.

Raj’s mother returns from running and arrives at Raj’s residence. She summons the aide. She queries what this is because my birthday is in a month. Someone sent it for Raj, he claims. She looks at Raj’s girlfriend’s card. She yells and summons everyone. She discusses the letter the girl wrote. Bhairav observes. Raj is prompted to get up and go outside by the servant. Raj visits the family outside. He examines the letter. The letter is also read by Bhairav. He turns to Raj. Raj feels frightened by his smack. What happened? Come over here, and let’s chat later, Bhairav says.

After giving him the note, he leaves. Raj is taken aback. His mother asks him whether he knows the girl. Raj scans the group. He tells her, “Amma, there’s nothing from my side, I mean the girl can know me, I don’t know her, she didn’t write her and my true name, anybody may joke, I’ll go to the workplace and find out.” He leaves. The family talks. The man continues, “I want to mention something, Janu was unhappy because Raj was with some baby, which indicates he has two GFs.” Raj encounters his GF The whole family, according to him, has read your letter. I don’t understand what you’re saying, she says.

They will marry us, he claims. It’s alright, she says. I warned you not to do this, he claims, and we don’t even know one another. You think I’ll do such a foolish thing, he claims. She studies the billboard and informs the employer that maybe she is to blame for the mischief. Why would she do this, he wonders. Why would she do this, he wonders. She claims I sobbed in front of her; I believe she is relieved to be aware of the situation; maybe she did this to incite a fight with me. He nods as he muses. I need to chat immediately, he adds as he walks up to Manmeet.

Manmeet adjourns her imp discussion. Raj is questioned about the issue. Why did you give me the flowers, he queries. Will I send flowers for you? she inquires. In order for my dad to murder me and for you to get rid of me, he claims that you planned to inform my family about my GF. She challenges, “Are you serious, I have no trouble, can you hear yourself?” She promises to reveal your secret. She cautions him and tells him to leave right now. Hussain shows up. We should speak in private, she suggests. Raj goes. He makes a call. He claims that she caused this issue and embarrassed me in front of the boss. Manmeet claims that as we strive to do more in life, we get more depressed. What’s wrong, you’ve become philosophical, Hussain enquires.

She claims that everything is worthless and that my true sister is getting married. I can’t go there. Let me speak to your dad, he adds, and I’ll sort everything out. She claims that since you attempted to speak to him when I was pregnant and he reprimanded you, you would be beaten up. He explains, “I recall, life is so confusing, you and I are ideal business partners, you can’t meet your parents and I, and you can’t meet me. ” Since I haven’t seen my kid in six months due to court orders, I’m really eager to see her. She responds, “I understand your concern, but I need a solution for myself—a spouse who pays rent—what do you think about this?” He chuckles. We will find a solution for you, he offers. He notices Raj. Raj chuckles as he converses with the workers. Your spouse, according to Hussain, is there; I grabbed him. Who, Mishra ji, does she ask? He adds, and She queries who. Raj Kumar Yadav, he claims.

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