Sherdil Shergill 19th October 2022 Written Update

Sherdil Shergill Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Sherdil Shergill 19th October 2022 Written Update on

Sherdil Shergill 19 October 2022

Raj’s awakening He observes Manmeet dozing out. With the blanket covering her, he exits the home. Nirali remembers what Manmeet said. When Choti enters, she adds, “I came to make sure everything was well.” Raj hears her yell. Nirali claims he is not at home and is unsure of his whereabouts. Choti claims that I am anxious about him. Nirali claims that I am there to concern about him and that you interrupted and incited Raj’s father to beat him. Raj returns home. Choti claims that Raj was engaged in the drama, and you claim that I misspoke.

What are you doing here, Raj queries. Where did you go? question Nirali and Choti. Raj claims, “I went to Shimla to assist Manmeet and I went for coffee with friends. I went nowhere.” Choti orders you to speak up. You smelled coffee, you’re just 12 minutes older than me, and you still question so much, he claims. I’ll locate a female for you, according to Nirali. What is wrong, Choti queries. Raj reveals her before closing the door. Raj tells me that I need to take care of Choti. He sleeps on his back. Nikki’s message reaches him.

Manmeet shows up at work. Raj blows a whistle. You’re here, she says, so early. He claims that I was unable to fall asleep after the coffee you made. When did you get it, she queries. After waking up, he says. Why didn’t you wake me up, she queries. He claims that since you were quiet while you were sleeping, he didn’t wake you up. Mishra observes. Keep to your boundaries or I’ll fire you, she warns. I’ll beg dad to employ me again, he claims. Jumping up, he climbs onto the table. He steals her journal. She commands him to halt. Mishra may be seen observing.

She leaves. Raj has to attend the imp meeting, she adds, adding that it is Tuesday and that you need to there by 5 o’clock. She leaves. When Mishra sees him, Raj invites him to come. He claims that my employer made the coffee for me. Asmita and Manmeet discuss the plans. Raj is occupied with a phone game. Manmeet writes to him. Mishra examines Raj’s smartphone. Raj is asked to come and chat by Manmeet. What are you looking at, Raj queries. He grabs Mishra by the cheek. Mishra remains silent. Raj queries if we must visit Shimla one again. Manmeet replies, “No, I swear I won’t accept your assistance once again. Please tell me about Nikki.”

Nikki requests a ride from Radhe, Raj’s nephew. She is asked to sit in the vehicle. Was this a call you made to me, Raj wonders. She claims to have texted you. She won’t take any action, he claims. She inquires as to your plans should she come to your home. Nikki claims that I’m Komal. I’m Radhe, claims Radhe. That’s a terrific name, she says. Nikki, claims Manmeet, won’t be silent. My uncle Raj, according to Radhe. Right, Nikki claims he’s married. Radhe replies that we are unaware of his marriage. Will you please tell me this now, Raj begs. Manmeet claims that as a female, I can understand her better.

He giggles and says, “Are you a female, boss? ” She claims calling you here was a grave error on my part. He claims that females are not impolite. Did we meet or did you come to inquire about Raj, wonders Radhe. I was curious about your family, Nikki says. I will tell you anything, he claims. She invites her to come while holding his hand. Nirali calls Raj, who answers. As per Nirali, go home by 5:00 p.m. Raj reports that there is an urgent meeting at work. The girl is educated, but she will manage the family after marriage, so we need to correct this, says Nirali, who calls you to come home. He queries what abruptly occurred. She claims that our goal is to maintain domestic tranquilly. He frets.

Bhairav queries what you did. What? asks Nirali. He advises against rushing since they would disbelieve us and Manmeet’s case will be resolved. You should have first gotten a decent mahurat. She claims that even if you beat Raj and the world is prepared to rob him, he stepped outside at night, so I’m hurrying. What have you done well, he queries. Vidya is questioned by Manmeet, “Why are you crying?” Come soon, said Vidya. Raj will soon arrive. Manmeet calls, and he answers. He claims that I cannot change my act since I need three days off. She calls and urges him to return home since Anmol needs help right now. Okay, Raj says, “I’m coming.”

Everyone at home is waiting for Raj. Manmeet queries what transpired. She picks up Anmol. I was peeling matar, according to Vidya, and it got in his nose. Raj stops by to see how he is doing. We shall take him to the doctor, Manmeet adds. Raj claims that I phoned my family doctor and that he would be arriving. Anmol is comforted by Manmeet. Choti is asked by Bhairav to contact Raj. Choti dials Raj. Raj claims that everything will be alright, and it happened to me as a youngster as well. Choti claims he is not responding. Bhairav is anxious. a doctor arrives.

He examines Anmol. Will everything be well, wonders Manmeet. The doctor advises you to forget that you are his parents while the matar is recovering. He inserts a nasal spray into Anmol’s nostrils. Manmeet sobs and withdraws. The matar emerges from the nostril. The doctor says that person is your hero and that is your matar. Manmeet requests that Vidya take Anmol. Raj acknowledges the doctor. As well, Manmeet thanks. Raj’s doctor inquires about his marriage, noting that Bhairav did not invite me. No, according to Raj; Manmeet is my supervisor and a dear friend; we are not married. But you stated, “Your son,” the doctor says. Manmeet turns to face Raj.

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