Sherdil Shergill 17th October 2022 Written Update

Sherdil Shergill Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Sherdil Shergill 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Sherdil Shergill Written Update

Today Sherdil Shergill Episode Starts With Manmeet and Raj are on their way. She adds, “I’m truly sorry. I recorded that video for fun. I don’t want any misunderstandings between us. So, I’m erasing that video in front of you. We have to speak to your parents right once.” She gets rid of the video. Everyone in Raj’s home talks about Raj and Manmeet. When Bhairav arrives, he asks Nirali to prepare supper. He invites Murari to accompany him. Murari says you should have phoned me since you are under anxiety. What would you do, Bhairav asks? I had heard Mishra talking about Raj and Manmeet’s affair, is this linked to Prince, I will find out the truth, says Murari. If I had known the truth, you would have known it better. How can this be true that Prince is married and has a kid. Bhairav queries, “What truth? Only Raj and Manmeet know it. I also want to know the truth.”

Manmeet and Raj arrive in Mumbai. He feels fear. What truth shall we reveal to them, he wonders. Don’t be alarmed, she replies; why didn’t you grab the coffee there? Nikki’s video message reaches him. He is asked to go by Manmeet. They are welcomed by Raj’s nephew. Raj claims to be my younger cousin; with affection, cousins are often referred to as Mama ji. The man claims that I must take you home since Nana Ji has ordered it. She tells us to calm down and get there. If Vidya is with you, contact Ashok at this number, she begs. Raj is invited by her. At home, Raj is being awaited by everyone. They walk outside to meet Raj after hearing the automobile horn. Nirali queries the source of Choti’s call. Bhairav claims I contacted her so I could get her advise.

A little girl exits the vehicle and walks up to the family. There, Choti and her spouse travel. Choti embraces Nirali. Nirali is invited to come and discuss by Bhairav. Manmeet, said Choti, is defrauding us. Talk politely, he adds; she does business and is creating the enormous structure. When Choti claims that she dances to your song, she is really your educated servant. He claims that despite what he saw, he felt the tale was different. She claims that the plot would change since she had imprisoned our Prince. Prince has arrived, claims Murari. Was he travelling alone? Nirali queries. No, Manmeet and the infant are with him, Nirali responds.

Anmol, Manmeet, and Raj enter through the door. Everyone, even Bhairav, looks at them. Vidya arrives. Manmeet requests that Vidya take Anmol. You both had a lot to tell me in Shimla, Bhairav adds, so come here and tell me. I was waiting for you. Manmeet says I’ll inform you right now. Raj frets. I want to apologise to both you and your wife first, she says. Choti claims there are several occupants in this home. Raj queries your arrival date. Don’t forget that I am your older sister, Choti adds. Just 12 minutes, he says. Just these two shall speak today, Bhairav commands. Manmeet is asked to speak. Manmeet claims that I am to blame for everything, that Raj has nothing to do with it, and that what you saw there was a fiction and a play in which Raj is only a character. What? asks Nirali. Yes, says Manmeet. Bhairav queries if such a play is produced and why. She claims that since Raj did me a great favour, I had to do this to preserve Gunjan’s marriage and that I had to tell you this.

She claims that while my parents didn’t agree with my intention to become a mother, I did it via IVF. Since Gunjan’s marriage would have ended if I had gone there with my kid, I asked Raj to accompany me and pretend to be my husband. This was my idea; it wasn’t his fault. I agree that it was a drama; you should have let me know, adds Bhairav. She claims that I was afraid because I thought that if you notified Gunjan’s in-laws about this, her marriage would have ended. Raj was on his way to tell you the truth when I stopped him; it was my error, not his. She affixes Raj. Raj tells Papa Ji, “It’s not Manmeet’s fault, everything was going as planned, you and Mom just appeared there.” Bhairav considers him.

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