Sherdil Shergill 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Sherdil Shergill Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Written Episode of Sherdil Shergill 14th October 2022 Update on

Sherdil Shergill Written Update

Bhairav declares in the beginning of the episode, “I have to keep a dad’s obligation for you.” He departs. Raj frets. On the dhol, everyone dances. Puneet greets Roshan while applying his tilak. Roshan and Gunjan grin. Puneet becomes sentimental. Puneet is told by Roshan’s mother not to be alarmed; Gunjan is heading to her house. She claims that while Bhairav’s son married Manmeet and had a kid as well, Bhairav was unaware of it. Puneet adds that we will chat more after giving Gunjan something. He trusted you with one lakh, according to Roshan’s mother. Puneet queries why. It’s a major shagun, adds Roshan’s mother; it indicates that he has accepted Manmeet and the kid.

Pandit requests the brother of Gunjan. Everyone observes. Raj seeks advice from Pandit on what to do. Gunjan joyfully sobs. He fastens the bandana. Manmeet grinning. Raj extends a helping hand to Manmeet. He is in her hand. Ajeet and Puneet grinned. Raj and Manmeet exchange glances. The gathbandhan is bound together by them. Roshan and Gunjan perform the rites and make the wedding rounds. The ceremony is complete, the Pandit declares, and you are now legally married.

To get a taxi to the Chandigarh airport, Raj goes online. Naturally, the manager responds with the passenger count. Raj says I’m alone myself. He gives the OK. What did he ask? Manmeet queries. The manager claims they have reserved a taxi for Chandigarh. Goes to Puneet is Manmeet. After Gunjan’s bidaai, she says I must return to Mumbai. Puneet recommends waiting a few days. Manmeet advises me to speak with Raj’s parents since I am to blame for this. She claims that I have to tell them everything since, as you realise, she didn’t want anybody to speak until after Gunjan’s wedding. Jaiet nods. She embraces him.

She gets her luggage ready. You’re getting ready to go, Ajeet says. You used to conceal my luggage to prevent me from leaving; today, I’d want to do the same. But don’t worry; I won’t do it. You need to get over your fear; you’re worried that I’ll get unhappy. I understand. They weep and embrace. Where are Dad and Manmeet, queries Gunjan. Manmeet is leaving today, said Puneet. Gunjan claims, “This usually occurs, it’s my bidaai, would dad give her more imp today.” Puneet soothes her.

Manmeet claims I brought Raj here to provide a hand. I know you’re telling the truth—I’m your father, Ajeet says. Hugging her, he whispers, “Take care.” Raj apologises but informs you both that you are being called downstairs. Yes, I’m going, Ajeet responds. There is a lot of work. As he walks away, he grabs Raj’s shoulder. The bidaai of Gunjan is over. Everyone embraces her and weeps. Sir, your automobile is ready to go to the airport, the guy replies. We will check out soon, according to Manmeet. Raj is now considered a member of the family, and Ajeet requests that he continue to visit. Raj turns to face Manmeet.

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