Sherdil Shergill 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Sherdil Shergill Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Written Episode of Sherdil Shergill 13th October 2022 Update on

Sherdil Shergill Written Update

Manmeet begins the episode by telling Rajkumar, “No, you can’t.” The club video is played. He halts and is startled. She claims that I had captured your video and that I must show it to your dad if you do anything. Bhairav queries how you got here. Do you know who I am, Ajeet asks. Bhairav adds, “I’ve known your daughter for three years; even then, when she was quite small, I called her Shergill lady. Come. Puneet sits next to Ajeet. It will be okay, despite what Ajeet claims is that it is for our kids. Puneet adds, “Stay here as our guest; we didn’t consider this coincidental.” Bhairav claims I had a major shock. No, take caution; it will take time, Ajeet advises. Puneet and Ajeet go away.

Bhairav has a drink. Laali promises to fetch you some water. My sister, my family, everything, claims Manmeet. Shut up, Raj says; you’re extorting money from me. She rejects. Why did you produce this film to reveal my secret, he queries. I didn’t realise this was your secret, she claims. He claims that since you now know, you played this. She responds, “No, I have no other choice. I had already made it plain to you that if you come with me, you must stay there until the very last minute. If you speak the truth, what about my sister?” I can’t lie to my parents to get her married, he adds. No, just be quiet; I’ll speak to your family about your desire to visit Sydney and how I can assist; just have faith in me. Raj argues while laughing. Raj and Manmeet’s remarks are in Bhairav and Laali’s minds.

Now that I understand, Laali claims, a great deception was being told. That girl had prepared the unique food for me, which is unheard of in today’s society. He continues, “Nirali, I want to sleep, but I’m not.” She claims that I’m not sleeping either. Laali/Nirali claims that I won’t go until learning the truth. I’m not asking, I’m just ordering you to go to bed, he says. She leaves.

Raj queries, “Have you met my mother and father? Are they okay?” They are concerned, but everything will be alright since it’s Gunjan’s wedding and she’s by herself. Raj affirms. Manmeey predicts my arrival. Puneet nods while holding Raj. Manmeet apologises. If you want me to do this play, I will do it right now. Just wait and see, Raj assures you. Don’t be scared. I won’t leave. He departs. She frets.

The visitors are greeted by Manmeet. Raj shows up there. Manmeet queries what transpired. He adds, “You must have assumed I left; I’m just waiting for my parents.” Do you believe they will arrive, she asks? He asserts that mom will undoubtedly arrive if she is able to. They see Nirali and Bhairav leave. Nirali is halted by Bhairav. Raj falters. Raj and Manmeet are holding the flag. Dad of Roshan pursues Bhairav on foot. Nirali is asked by Bhairav to eat. Listen to me, our son is getting married, said Roshan’s mother. Yes, you should be in the mandap, Bhairav replies. Give me some food.

Roshan’s parents are adamant. Don’t worry, Bhairav assures her, I will negotiate the hotel arrangement with your spouse. The move. Manmeet and Raj show up. Raj attempts to speak. Nirali is asked by Bhairav to eat. Raj requests your attention once again, saying that you are aware that he never keeps anything from anybody. Can I say anything, Manmeet inquires. Why would you claim that the explosion occurred in my home, Bhairav wonders. She responds, “I realise you are furious. I’m accountable for this; this wasn’t Raj’s fault; there was a reason we had kept this a secret.” She is asked to leave.

Puneet arrives and requests that you come. Sorry, Bhairav says, take this tiny present from our side because we won’t be able to make the wedding. A letter is included. Puneet is told by Manmeet to go and will follow. Puneet departs. Listen to me, Raj says, and give me two minutes to explain. Raj and Manmeet attempt to converse. Bhairav makes fun of them. Raj is instructed to go greet the baraat by him. Keep up your responsibilities, he continues, and then go back to Mumbai. I’ll wait.

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