Sherdil Shergill 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Sherdil Shergill Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Written Episode of Sherdil Shergill 12th October 2022 Update on

Sherdil Shergill Written Update

Raj says in the beginning of the episode, “It’s cool, I’m not as awful as you think. Manmeet escapes. Raj beams. He drys off her tears. Puneet grins as he observes. Ajeet receives Manmeet. She sobs while giving Anmol and Ajeet embraces. Raj declares that I will now begin a new drama. When must you go, Puneet inquires? Raj replies that I must manage everything since Manmeet isn’t with me. Manmeet is prompted to speak by Puneet. Manmeet claims that this meeting is really important and that Raj must go. Puneet queries what I would say to the visitors. Manmeet claims that our relatives had met him and won’t inquire. Raj is instructed to pack up or he would miss the trip, she says. Raj leaves. Ajeet visits Puneet. What’s wrong, he queries. I believe Manmeet is pressuring Raj into travelling to England for employment, therefore I urge you to stop him, she adds. He claims that is their issue. Just stop him, she advises. Going to Raj, he.

Raj gets his stuff ready. Ajeet arrives. Mr. Shergill, you, says Raj. Then, says Ajeet, I ought to address you as Mr. Yadav. Raj responds, “No, I’ve had to go; there’s an imp meeting.” Puneet would be upset if you go, according to Ajeet. However, if she is content with this misunderstanding, what is wrong? She cut off all contact with Manmeet and Anmol due to me, but as I held Anmol today, I realised how much time we had lost over the previous two years. Raj informs me there is no meeting and I won’t attend. Since Manmeet and I haven’t spoken for the past two years, Ajeet says, “I feel like you have taken my position there. Thank you very much for supporting her and taking care of her.” Raj accepts his approval. His hugger is Ajeet.

Don’t tell Manmeet that I came to stop you, Ajeet commands. Also, be careful; I’m sending a Jodhpuri; wear it. Raj beams. The sangeet begins. Gunjan dances with Bua and Tai Ji. Raj is questioned by Manmeet about his whereabouts and intended route to Chandigarh. Raj inquires as to why given that the celebration has just recently begun. Did you go insane, she queries. He claims that when everything settled down, you wanted me to depart from here, but I would rather stay and enjoy myself. Dad stopped you, she says. He inquires as to whose dad it is; no, Ajeet, I want to be at this wedding. She commands you to pay attention, saying that you are accountable for the situation and that you should go. He claims I haven’t been to a gathering in a while. Our special visitors will be arriving, according to Roshan’s mother. Please wait while I speak with Puneet. Anmol, Raj, and Manmeet are invited to the stage. Gunjan is anxious.

We didn’t have any rehearsals, although Manmeet claims you were going. Raj says to come, we’ll dance. Please take care of the huge issue, according to Gunjan. She tells Puneet everything. Puneet is incredulous. Why didn’t you inform me that time, she queries. My Sasumaa begged me to keep silent, according to Gunjan. Puneet departs. Guests arrive. What? They also have a kid, you’re saying, Roshan’s mother queries. Puneet claims we were unaware of it. Roshan’s mother becomes anxious. She takes a sip of water. She claims that Gunjan had also kept this a secret. If I tell them, they’ll be quite upset since the guy wants to establish a big hotel and include Roshan’s father as a partner.

We are misunderstood, according to Ajeet. His name, according to her, is Bhairav Singh Yadav. Bhairav and his bride are welcomed by Roshan’s father. Bhairav arrives at the event. I secured the cooperation of his only son Prince for Manmeet, according to Roshan’s mother, who claims that he is the largest builder in Mumbai and controls half of the city. If you google it, you’ll see what you lost. The guy claims that a hero and heroine jodi, together with a young hero, are approaching you. On stage, Manmeet, Raj, and Anmol dance. Raj dancing on stage with Manmeet shocks Bhairav and his wife Laali. Laali remembers Raj’s deceit. Did we go to Shimla or Goa, she inquires. Manmeet is startled when he sees Bhairav. Raj is turned toward them by her. Raj is in awe.

The guy is asked about Raj and who he is by Bhairav. The guy claims to be the Jija ji of the bride. Astounded is Bhairav. Who is the female accompanying him, he wonders. She is the bride’s older sister, the guy claims. She is holding the infant when he asks. The guy claims to be their son and the sole nephew of the bride. Laali and Bhairav are in disbelief. Manmeet and Raj cross paths. Bhairav adjourns. Do we come from Shimla or Goa, and what is Prince doing here, Laali demands. He promises that we will speak in the hotel room. Dad of Roshan departs. I don’t want a drama here, Bhairav declares. Ajeet claims that a wedding would take place tomorrow morning; let’s wait and watch. Roshan’s mother queries how I intend to inform them.

Come quickly, says Roshan’s father; Bhairav is going because he is unhappy. She leaves. Gunjan, Ajeet asks, why didn’t you tell us when you knew it? Guards are sent by Laali. Ask Roshan’s mother whether she ever seen Prince’s anxious expression; he claims that Prince has a son. Roshan’s parents arrive. Roshan’s mother asserts, “Trust me, it’s not our fault. If we had known Manmeet was already married and had a kid, I would not have obtained her alliance for Prince. What are you saying, our trust is broken? Laali queries. Yes, Roshan’s mother replies, but I didn’t damage anything. Laali claims my own son betrayed my confidence. Roshan’s mother replies that he is not connected to this. Laali claims to have gotten married and to have a kid.

Roshan’s mother inquires whether he too got married and if he called to let you know. Laali claims that he was dancing in front of everyone with Manmeet, who works with Bhairav in Mumbai, married Raj, and has a kid. I sent gajar ka halwa for her, but I was unaware that she would be on this particular day, claims Laali. Roshan’s mother sneezes. According to Roshan’s father, the individual is your son Prince. Yes, Laali answers. His mother claims that he is your Prince. Yes, Laali answers. Roshan’s parents chuckle. She apologises, explaining that although though they are already married, have a kid, and would have wed two years ago, we have secured an alliance for them. Bhairav invites Laali to visit. Tau ji becomes furious. You ought to have told this previously, according to Puneet. Who is Bhairav Singh Yadav, asks Bua?

According to Ajeet, he is a wealthy guy from Mumbai who arranged Manmeet’s marriage via Gunjan’s Saas. Raj and Manmeet exchange startled looks. Ajeet claims they were unaware that Manmeet was there previously. Raj sneezes. Manmeet tells you to relax. Are you okay, Puneet queries. Ajeet claims that Prince is Bhairav’s son. Did Prince ask me out? Manmeet queries. Yes, says Ajeet. Prince is seated in front of you, according to her, and you are chatting about him. Where, Puneet queries. Meet Raj Kumar Yadav, also known as Prince, says Manmeet. They are startled. She claims that Bhairav and Laali, who are his parents and who left in a rage, name him Prince with affection. If Rajkumar is that Prince, as Puneet claims, why didn’t you inform us? Leave it, I warned you, Manmeet sit here; their jodi is lovely, adds Bua. Manmeet implores Bua to unwind.

Did you see my parents, asked Raj. I will see, Ajeet promises. Prince, you’ve grown up and you look good, says Roshan’s father. Tell me once that you are Prince; according to Roshan’s mother, you were little when we visited your home. Wait, said Raj. He displays the photograph of his family. They feel content. My hotel dream will finally come true, according to Roshan’s father. DJ is asked to play the song by Roshan’s mother. Raj’s parents were aware of this, Puneet and Bua enquire. He leaves in a rage. Manmeet believes he was shocked by electricity. He replies, “No, I’m shocked, I’m upset, and my parents came over and watched me.” She apologises profusely. You know where my mother would have gone, he claims. She claims they were from the side of the groom. You know I lied to get away from home to come here, your parents saw me dancing on stage as your spouse and Anmol’s father, he claims.

She claims, “I get it.” He claims that because of you, this occurred. Please unwind; we’ll remedy this, she says. He claims that because of you, this occurred. She claims that you wanted to dump your girlfriend, that you pursued me, that you planned to come and perform acting, that I asked you to leave, that you resisted leaving, and that this was all part of your scheme. Listen, I’m sorry; I became very irate; we will go and consider this; I promise that we will reach a decision. He releases the divider after remembering her response. Puneet advises that we should see them right away to prevent them from having a heart attack. Ajeet is anxious. Recalling Manmeet, Bhairav. Talking to her daughters is Laali. It’s the maximum of falsehoods, she claims. When did Prince say anything, her kid begs her to stop crying.

Laali claims that your dad forbade me from speaking with Prince, that he is distraught and drinking excessively, and that anything may happen to him at this age. Whoever you are, don’t worry, nothing bad will happen to me, Bhairav inquires. Instructing her girls to be quiet, Laali She hangs up the phone. Bhairav thinks about Raj. Are you okay, Laali queries. He checks his pulse and declares that it is normal, that he is breathing, and that he feels alive. She leaves. They will come and repair everything, according to Manmeet. Raj says that I should go and wonders why your folks went to see my parents. She requests that you refrain from speaking since she is unsure of how much to tell them.

He asserts that since they are my parents, I am obligated to give them the whole truth just as we did with your parents. I don’t know what Gunjan’s Saas will do, she claims. I’m going to tell them, he declares, I don’t care. She requests his attention. Remember this: Raj is a good girl. He got caught up in Manmeet’s drama. We will tell them that Raj isn’t married and Raj isn’t to blame. Ajeet says we’ll walk in and give them the truth. Puneet warns against saying this because if Gunjan’s Saas learns that Manmeet had birth without being married, she would end the marriage. He claims that because of the youngsters, we must lie now. He makes a ringing sound. Opening the door is Laali. Who are you, he asks. According to Puneet, we came to say that and that includes us in the sangeet occurrence. Holding his chest, Bhairav. He invites them inside. I implore you, Manmeet says, not to go to them. Raj has shouted loud enough; I will tell everyone in the world the truth. She’s startled.

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