Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Oswal Family Goes To Picnic

Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th June 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 8 June 2022 Written Episode on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update

Everyone returns to Oswal Mansion to begin the episode. Reema erupts with applause when Simar wins. It is time to complete the requirement, and Badimaa calls out to Dhami in a yell, telling her it is time to clean the house and exhibit it to strangers. Yamini yells out “Gitanjali Devi” in unison. Yamini is told by Badimaa, “Don’t dare talk to me in this tone,” and she is instructed to go immediately.

Nobody will be more evil, she claims, if your reflection falls on my home. Several people, including Chitra, are watching the action unfold. Yamini Devi goes out of the home looking at Badimaa with a sour expression on her face. The Oswal Mansion is entered through Badimaa. She explains to Yamini that winning through loss is possible, but that it has a short lifespan.

She recalls Simar declaring that treachery is not love. yamini Badimaa tells us to keep this in mind. “This conflict hasn’t finished here,” says Yamini, “I will return with a boom and surprise everyone.” I will reveal the true meaning of victory. Badimaa joins her family in applauding Simar before following them inside. Dhami is stopped by Chitra, who urges her to come in. Yamini is on her way out.

I want to forget about everything and just watch you for a bit,” Simar tells Badimaa, who plays tanpura in the film. She thinks you’re the actual winner, and she thinks you deserve it. The two men are asked to deliver something by her. Badimaa is given a large chair. It’s Badimaa’s chair. Aarav and Vivaan lavish admiration on Badimaa, who they said stunned Yamini by playing music in front of him.

‘When did you learn it?’ Sandhya inquires. Prior to the birth of Gajendra, Badimaa claims to have been a talented musician and a singer. She tells me that if I don’t stop singing, I’ll have to start doing the housework. She claims that as a result of this, I went into business as a Maa Durga Petha peda in Agra. She claims that the music was abandoned.

Simar claims to have been looking for Guru outside the home, and then claims to have found him in the house. Badimaa’s face lights up. Because Aarav has promised to take us on a picnic if I win, Simar says we should all go to bed early today. In Aarav’s opinion, this situation is excellent. Reema is overjoyed when I tell her we’re going on a picnic. Badimaa’s expression is stern. Reema’s tension rises as a result. Badimaa adores picnics and laughing, according to her.

She asks Simar whether she is confident that Badimaa would wear the clothing she has bought for her.'” They can keep the garments in her room since Simar claims she’ll be wearing them. She tells us that we must likewise get ready. At the picnic, Aarav is dressed in a casual outfit. Gajendra shows up in jeans and a t-shirt, thanking Reema profusely. Sandhya is dressed in a long gown as she arrives.

Simar, too, is dressed in Western clothing when she arrives. You two look like angels, according to Aarav. Badimaa shows up in a salwar kameez, as is her custom. Everyone is delighted to see her. Badimaa is perplexed and inquires, “What on earth is this?” Aarav thinks I’m to blame. I was praising them too much, so I’ll compliment you instead, since you look stunning. Simar, on the other hand, is adamant.

Badimaa claims that when she looked in the mirror, she saw her former self. Asking where Vivaan is, she inquires: “In Aarav’s words, we’ll pick them up on the way to the kachori shop.” “Let’s go,” Badimaa commands.

As they arrive at the picnic area, the song’s title begins to play. According to Simar, the area is serene. Aarav and Simar are played by Vivaan and Reema. Invited: Gajendra wants them to come. Vivaan walks with Reema perched on his back.

Badimaa removes the basket’s contents, beginning with the fruit. Sandhya is made to swing on the swing by Aarav and Vivaan. Simar belts out a tune. Vivaan and Reema perform a duet. Sasural Simar Ka performs a variety of roles in the film.

Sandhya thinks it’s a lovely spot. Gajendra compliments her on her appearance and encourages her to wear this clothing more regularly. She expresses her gratitude to him. Wearing such attire is frequently requested by Aarav. She reciprocates the compliments he has given her. Reema inquires of Vivaan, “How do you think she’s looking these days?”

Simar recalls what Aarav said to him in the tent, so he asks if he remembers anything. Simar inquires as to whether or not something will be kept in mind. As Aarav says, I won’t bother asking you because you weren’t there.

Simar claims that I was with you on our first date, and I believe her. What does Aarav inquire about? He gushes about how special the time he had with you was. When he tells Simar how much he loves her, he tells her that he wants to create special memories with her and that they may or may not be alive in the end. Simar has his finger pressed to his lips.

He kisses her on the forehead while holding her face. Shyly, Simar scurries away from the scene. According to Badimaa, we’re supposed to leave our troubles and thoughts at the door today, and instead focus on the present moment and give thanks to God for blessing us with such a supportive family.

Sandhya thinks this is an excellent guideline. Gajendra claims that we will have a great time as children.And Sandhya, too, is amused. Each other’s tickles bring out the best in them, and they all laugh together.

After a while, they settle down. Is it possible Vivaan got tired? Gajendra inquires as to whether he is 25 years old or an elderly guy. “I’m ready to play,” Vivaan adds, “if you’re.” Different games have been suggested by Simar and Aarav.

The game of pitthu, according to Sandhya, Gajendra says it’s OK. Reema wants to play hide and seek with me, and I’m down. A choice must be made, and Badimaa tells the group to quit wasting their time.

Chitra inquires as to where everyone is. Regardless of how you feel, Chitra claims that everyone has moved on and doesn’t care about you anymore. Dhami dials Aarav’s number. Chitra says they went on a picnic early in the morning, even though they had no money, to please Simar. Dhami makes a phone call and asks about Aarav’s whereabouts.

If one team wins, the other team must play their game. Despite the fact that she’s on opposing sides, she informs Aarav and Simar that she’s on their side. Vivaan pleads with Aarav, pleading with him not to lose. Aarav woos her and attempts to make her lose her cool.

Simar claims to be in the wrong. “Let him cheat,” Gajendra tells him, “today he’ll remember his Dadi.” He claims I’m his dad and that I’m in town. In order to win, Simar informs Sandhya that they will use strategy.

Simar begins by loosening the rope, and then begins to tug on it. Aarav slams his head into hers. In the end, the squad led by Simar won. They’re locked in a staredown. From then on, Simar and Aarav get nervous. It’s bad news for Badimaa because Aarav and Simar’s love is innocent, but it’s good news for Reema and Vivaan.

Simar and Aarav join them on the sidelines of the game. With the rifle pointed at them, Dhami is lurking in the shadows. They leave the area.

As Dhami shoots Simar, he yells “Aarav ji” before dying. Dhami requests that he leave. Dhami states that because Aarav is such an important part of her life, she is taking him with her. She drives Aarav to the hospital in her vehicle. That’s what Simar tells Badimaa she’s going to do.

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