Sasural Simar Ka 2 8th July 2022 Written Update Episode

Reyansh Tries To Trap Kavya Again

Sasural Simar Ka 8th July 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Sasural Simar Ka 8 July 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Badimaa reminding Karan that timing is extremely essential and that whomever does not appreciate time and relationships would not be able to complete the relationship. Karan explains that Ishita has many followers and has relationships with them, thus she must consider about them. Badimaa claims that she is unfamiliar with the digital world and its followers, but she is familiar with morals and claims that she has evolved with time, but that traditions do not change and remain as they are.

She explains that a kid learns everything from his mother and tells Pallavi that she hopes she has taught Ishita everything. Mrs. Oswal, says Karan. Simar asks to leave it, and uncle ji claims they made an inadvertent error. Chitra says she would inform Pallavi ji about our traditions. Giriraj says we won’t ruin our mood. Gajendra begs Badimaa to comply for the sake of the children’s happiness. Badimaa inquires of Karan whether there are any seniors in the home.

My Maa, Karan says yes. Badimaa requests that they question her about the ceremonies. And their Simar bahu traditions. Chitra observes. Pallavi requests that they accept their apologies as well as the marriage offer. It is accepted by Badimaa. Chitra requests that they eat. Pallavi claims that they are swamped with work. Chitra expresses her delight that Reyansh is marrying into this family.

Simar informs Ishita in the room that she will learn their traditions and that her family is contemporary. Badimaa asks Simar whether she believes they have rushed to repair Reyansh’s marriage. Simar answers sure, but she believes she won’t be able to reveal as she promised. Badimaa claims she was correct about that girl Ishita. Simar says she is not the one to pass judgement on other people’s daughters and that she is thinking about Reyansh.

She asks him whether he is connected with another female. Badimaa inquires, “What do you wish to say?” Reyansh arrives and requests that Simar stop. He informs Badimaa that Simar is after him since Badimaa referred to him as “number one.” He says I’m going to leave the home. Chitra folds her hand and requests Simar to allow this marriage to go place calmly. Chitra says Badimaa. Aarav walks away, furious with Simar. Simar walks beside him. Badimaa is irritated.

Ishita smashes things in the home and complains about how my wedding invitation video has gone viral and what problems they are having with my plans. Pallavi begs Ishita to reconsider her ability to settle in the home, since they are quite traditional. Ishita says she loves Reyansh for the time being and that if marriage does not work, she would consider divorce and separation. Reema arrives and lends her support to Ishita. She believes Simar and Vivaan oppose her.

Aarav questions Simar about what she was saying Badimaa. Simar claims I was telling her that we would not rush into marriage. Aarav says the wedding date has been set and urges her to let go of everything she saw and heard, and to let Reyansh enjoy his life while this marriage takes place calmly for Badimaa and me. Reema instructs Ishita to do anything Badimaa says and to do whatever she wants.

She mentions a fusion wedding. It’s not my style, according to Maddy. According to Reema, this will provide other stylish weddings a competitive advantage. Maddy inquires, “Who is she?” Reema introduces herself as Reema Oswal. She inquires whether he is Maddy and says that a friend informed her about him. Maddy inquires, “Who?” Rudra Rathore, says Reema.

Maddy claims he is the magazine’s owner and a major personality. Reema considers him. Maddy claims he could have organised the wedding at half the price. Maddy and Ishita request that Reema request that Rudra feature/cover the wedding in his magazine. Reema promises to try and read his message. Vivaan phones her and wonders why Reema isn’t answering.

Aarav and Simar are seated at the table. He replies, “I realise you have a lot of duties, but I have some as well.” Chirag, Aarav’s buddy, arrives. Simar is introduced to him by Aarav. Chirag expresses a desire for a woman who is similar to him. Aarav claims that Chirag assigned me the task of finding him a life companion. He claims that he felt Chirag and Kavya would be a fantastic fit.

Simar asks whether you remember it. Yes, he says. Simar inquires about Chirag’s preferred companion. He refers to the female who will alter time but not change with it. Kavya shows up. Aarav claims he summoned her for the meeting. Kavya and Chirag exchange greetings. Simar believes that values, trust, and understanding, in addition to compatibility, are critical.

She invites them to converse and moves to the other table. Chirag requests that Kavya tell him about herself. Kavya receives a phone call. Chirag instructs her to choose it. Reyansh answers the phone and invites her to meet him. He claims he wants to express his feelings for her. He behaves as though he wants to meet him. He laughs as he sits with his companions. Simar inquires of Kavya, “Whose call is it?”

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