Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Aarav Reveals The Truth About Dhami

Sasural Simar Ka 2 27th May 2022 Written Update. Colors Tv Serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 27 May 2022 Written Episode on

The episode begins with Guru telling that Dhami and Arau were married in America and according to law he can take Arau there and take it away from you. The older mother asks, “How dare you say that?” Dhami hides something from her fake mother’s clothes.

Big Mom says we are Oswal and will line up for lawyers, and we have a good reputation. He says if you don’t understand us you will regret it. He shows American passport and says that no lawyer can do anything in front of him and he kneels down. Then he says he has good oil for his knee pain. Everyone is surprised. Dhami told him to rest and said it was a matter of home.

Big Mom tells Summer to take good care of the guests, it’s our responsibility as our daughter-in-law. Summer says yes. Dhami enters the room and says that she has gathered all the clowns, and when she sees the doctor eating, she asks what is going on here. Her fake mother shows the thorn she stole. Dhami threatens him and tells him to go and sit there.

Reema told Vivan that she had seen stitches on Guru’s shoes and said that she had been looking at rich people since childhood and had read that man is valued by his shoes. “I trust you, but how do you know the truth?” Summer remembered Guru’s threat. She stumbles. Aaro came and stopped him.

Rima and Vivan came into the CCTV room. Rima says that Samar has applied it for Tao Ji, now it will come in handy for her. Summer feels helpless. “I’m doing this to protect my family,” Arau said. Summer tells him to fight and doesn’t let Dhami take advantage of him. She asks what are you getting He says I can’t let you down every day and I will tell you the truth. “We will fight together,” he said.

Summer says tell me everything. Arau says that Dhami is very dangerous and says that the doctor she brought was not Dr. Pankaj Rao. He says I handed him over to Dr. Pankaj Rao, whose body was found dead. Summer says Dhami kills those who separate her from you. She tells him to tell the truth.

Arau tells her to swear that she will do as she says. She promises him. Vivan and Reema see Dhami going to the kitchen, while Arau and Samar are there. Rima asks Vivan to inform Aaro and Samar. They distract Dhami and Aaro and Samar leave.

Arau tells Summer that they met in college, and he started having bad conversations with his friends and she wanted to spend time with him alone. He says that once I caught him lying and said that he could not have anything to do with it. He says he had a panic attack and I took him to the hospital. He says the doctor asked him to help her and she helped him.

Dhami comes to the garden and sees Arau. She walks towards him, when Rima pours water on him through a pipe and then drops the dried leaves on him. Dhami wonders where it is coming from. She starts walking and falls into the pit. Rima thinks you won’t be able to reach your room, leave Aaro and Samar. Dhammi woke up. Summer asked, “What happened then?” Arau says that a few days later, he got her very drunk and called the priest and got her married.

He played the game. Summer was shocked. She says it’s clear she’s trapped you. Auro told Summer to trust him. Summer asked what happened after that night? Arau says that he started telling the marriage certificate in front of everyone that he is her husband. She says he broke up with her completely and she got angry. “Dhami tried to hit Vivan and tried to kill him. Before we could complain about it, he tried to commit suicide,” she said. “She was admitted for treatment and we came back,” he said. He says he was very worried about his family.

Summer says I was confident and my trust has been won. She says it’s not just your fight, it’s my fight too. Arau says why don’t you understand that Dhamma. Summers all thank him for telling the truth and say that no power can come from other things, which we get from truth.

She says that Dhami has crossed all the boundaries, now she will find someone who knows the boundaries. She says she has to pay the price for hurting my brother-in-law and snatching a smile from my brother-in-law. “I swear I won’t let anyone hurt her,” she said.

Arau says he is very dangerous, there is no limit to it. “Unless we’re together, and our family is with us, she can’t do anything,” says Summer. “We will play with her,” she says. She says I will do as you say. Arau says he will expose Dhami and his real face will be exposed. Dhami comes there and sees Samar standing there. She asks, “Where is Urva?” Summer says reusing it, emotionally blackmailing it, trapping it again? “I will not let you do anything with Aruji,” she says.

Dhami grabbed his hand, Arau comes and tells Dhami to stay within limits. He says if you try to touch Summer you don’t know what will happen to you. Summer asked to save him. Dhami says you need to save, mark my words. Arau tells Summer that Dhami may be forced to think of something. Summer says she’s not afraid of him because she’s with him. She says that Dhamma has to burn in the love that she wants to separate and whispers something in her ear. Arwa nodded.

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