Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th October 2022 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 18th October 2022 Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 18 October 2022

Simar is told by Reema that you will triumph because of the truth. Simar is instructed to go wish Bhai by Vivaan after learning that the time would soon be twelve. Simar enters the room after running to wish him a happy anniversary. She looks at the personalised greeting card he had sent for her and finds Aarav dozing off on the couch. Before kissing the card, she reads it. The sacred thread in his palm is broken, and she also discovers other broken strands. She decides to leave and investigate. She bumps into Mayakshi and queries why she is awake. Jenny informs Mayakshi that she would prepare milk for the baby. On the way, Simar discovers the broken threads as well. Mayakshi believes that Simar no longer has the necklace that belongs to her Mata Rani. When Simar descends, he discovers that the sacred threads are also shattered.

Kamakshi believes Simar is on the verge of passing away. In Simar-chamber, Aarav’s Mayakshi visits Aarav and observes him. She upsetly tosses the card after reading it. He feels her touch. He is still dozing off. You are coming to me, says Kamakshi. Come to me and help me achieve my goal. After failing to find Simar, she attempts to assault him. Simar visits the internal temple and inquires as to the significance of her dream. She declares, “I won’t allow anything happen to my family,” and requests Mata Rani’s help and handholding in the Jai Maa Durga salutation. The blossom collapses. The mata rani’s trishul is in Simar’s hands. Kamakshi moves away. She claims that she always finds a solution, whether she is a girl or in difficulties. From there, Simar exits, shuts the door, and locks it with trishul.

Aarav receives magic from Mayakshi, who then promises to reappear in Simar’s avatar. Simar is awake when Aarav wakes up and inquires if she has anything to say to him. You could have forgotten that our anniversary is about to begin, Mayakshi asks as she turns down the lights. He is asked to come for a surprise after being blindfolded by her. She believes that I will be Aarav’s tonight.

Attack by Kamakshi on Simar. Simar says to get away. Today is going to be your end, says Kamakshi. Simar yells, “Aarav ji!” When Aarav hears her voice, he inquires as to her wellbeing. Mayakshi claims that she is okay. She appears to him as Simar’s avatar. He is urged to see the surprise by Mayakshi. Aarav remarks that the surprise was quite great. If you enjoyed it, Mayakshi asks. Yes, he replies. Simar asks how we can squander this night by going to bed. She claims that after a long wait, this night has finally here, and that once we are that much closer, our relationship will officially begin when we exchange vows. After that, the evenings will only draw us closer.

Simar queries the crowd. Simar is being held by the villainous Kamakshi, who has threatened to murder her today. Badimaa is approaching from below. Kamakshi rushes Badimaa and declares, “I’ll murder her too.” The rudraksh mala that Badimaa is clutching breaks and falls down the steps. Simar asks Mata Rani for assistance in rescuing her family. Seeing Simar, Badimaa. The mala beads from the Rudraksh arrive rolling to Simar. Simar is liberated from Kamakshi’s spells. When she sees Badimaa approaching, Kamakshi hides. Simar collapses. Simar is held by Badima. She is informed by Simar that someone choked her neck from behind. Calling Maharaj ji, Badimaa requests that he provide water.

She brings her to the temple and warns her that you are in danger, but that you are the house’s shield, ready to defend the home against evil with fervour and vigour. She claims that by facing the horrors together, our family won’t suffer any damage. She takes the chunari from Mata Rani and fastens it on Simar’s hand. Jai Maa Durga, the kawach of Mata Rani shall guard you, she exclaims. Simar thinks back to Mayakshi’s remarks and rushes to help Aarav. Badimaa offers Mata Rani prayers. Simar enters the room but is unable to see Aarav. Where did he go, she wonders? Mayakshi and Aarav are holding hands. Mayakshi continues to lean her head on his.

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