Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th October 2022 Written Update

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Episode

Colors Tv Serial Sasural Simar Ka 2 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Sasural Simar Ka 2 Written Update

The episode begins with Mayakshi warning Kamakshi that she would forget about her relationship with Rudra if she learns that he is betraying her. I am not like Simar, she claims. What are they talking about, Simar? asks Badimaa. We were discussing Simar, according to Kamakshi, and it seems that she is not the daughter-in-law but rather the daughter of the home. Simar, according to Badimaa, is the soul of her home and family. Mayakshi promises to check on the infant.

She leaves. The sherbet that Kamakshi cooked for the family is offered to Badimaa. I, Badimaa claims. Please, says Kamakshi. Badimaa downs it and walks away with the glass in hand. She is seated close by while Kamakshi approaches from behind. She asks whether I should give you a recommendation. Badimaa casts her charm and commands the woman to take a seat on the couch. I’m listening, she says, asking her to speak. Kamakshi grins as she sits on the couch.

Arriving to Sadhvi ji’s Ashram, Simar and Aarav. Aarav abruptly turns into a statue. There, Mayakshi shows up and informs Simar that neither she nor anyone else would be able to stop her from entering the area. Your yantra, mantra, or tantra will now function, she continues, suggesting that maybe she has already arrived. Nobody can tolerate in front of Simar’s statement that “you perform tantra, I do Aaradhna” (prayer). She claims that I will protect my family from harm. This time, Mayakshi promises, I’ll get Aarav; are you prepared to lose him? We are one, Simar declares, and she is asked to begin the reverse countdown so that she may finish her game.

My Aarav, according to Mayakshi, looks wonderful as a statue. She disappears. Aarav recovers. He is informed by Simar that Mayakshi came and threatened her. He receives Badimaa’s call and informs us that we must depart right now. They arrive at home. Simar requests that Maharaj ji spread puja water around the home. Kavya joyfully embraces Simar. Simar acknowledges her parents and asks, “Are you here?” Badimaa requests that Kavya’s parents go make the necessary preparations. They go away. Aarav is informed by Badimaa that his proposal was sound and he wonders why she rejected it. Your choice, in Aarav’s opinion, was sound. Simar asserts that even if Chaaya had departed Reema di’s body, we cannot forget the picture frame event. According to Badimaa, we must not let fear prevent us from acknowledging even tiny victories. There, Vivaan and Reema arrive. Even all of us, according to Vivaan, will swear once again. The lehenga that Reema would wear to the event is shown. She claims to have a second lehenga in her bedroom.

Gagan and Aditi get there. Geet will be with them this time for their nuptials, according to Aditi. They go to Geet Gajendra displays his and Aarav’s attire. According to Sandhya, she extended invitations to everyone. Giriraj claims that I would send to those who have not yet been invited. Badimaa chuckles. Simar requests that Badimaa cancel this event. Badimaa claims that we are afraid, but should we stop celebrating because of this? Simar advises us to be cautious rather than regret it afterwards. She explains that you want to marry six couples, mentions how many people will attend, and inquires as to how we would keep a watch on them. Maharaj ji mists the residence with water. Chitra questions. Simar claims Sadhvi ji handed it to him.

Water is thrown into the air by Maharaj ji and lands on Badimaa. Out of Badimaa emerges the evil force. According to Badimaa, she experienced an energy release. She claims that the celebration would be limited to family members. She asserts that she will cancel every reservation and let everyone know that the event has been postponed. She begins contacting the visitors. Calling the visitors, Kamakshi requests that they arrive on time. She informs Mayakshi that the event will take place, guests will attend, and Simar will be occupied. She claims that mantra, agni, and your groom will be there. At that moment, she continues, you must make him yours by diverting his attention and doing so; once he is yours, we will get the locket. Aarav and Bhaiyya’s locket will be with us by this time tomorrow, according to Mayakshi, and Simar will then be totally shattered. Kamakshi grinning. Mayakshi claims that my love and Bhaiyya’s vengeance will be satisfied.

Later, every couple is dressed in bridal attire and ready for the wedding. Simar enters the home wearing red clothing similar to Damini’s and finds the whole interior’s sacred threads destroyed and on fire. She witnesses the sacred thread that is fastened to each person’s hand breaking and tumbling. Mata Rani, what is going on, she wonders. She witnesses the waiters and waitresses being controlled by demonic forces. Aarav is directed to Simar by Badima. Mayakshi arrives and approaches Aarav from behind. Pushing Mayakshi is Simar. Aarav’s neck is slashed by the waiter, and he dies instantly. There are Rudra and Kamakshi. Rudra claims he won’t stand up right away. In response to Kamakshi’s request for Simar to explain the necklace, their group starts cutting everyone’s throats.

One by one, they pass away and collapse. Simar yells, “Badimaa!” Kamakshi and Rudra both grinned. Simar yells, “This can’t happen,” as she sees her family members dead. She yells, “Aarav ji!” There, the wicked forces disappear. End of imagined or dream sequence. Simar yells, “Blood!” but it turns out to be her imagination. Reema arrives and declares, “I’m with you, it was a horrible dream.” Simar embraces her. According to Reema, you arrived here and slept off while speaking. Simar claims to have seen the blood and is concerned about her family. According to Reema, if you break, the whole family would also break. If I couldn’t rescue my family, Simar says. Reema praises your strength and claims that you have rescued Aarav, Geet, and me. She claims that Maa and Papa used to predict the triumph of good and predict the victory of Simar.

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