Sanjog 20th October 2022 Written Update

Sanjog Written Episode

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Sanjog 20 October 2022

Amrita claims that Tara was born to Gauri. No, I raised her like if she were my own daughter. She attempts to contact Alok, but he doesn’t answer. Amrita departs after concealing the reports beneath her bed. Gauri enters her room and scans the area for the reports. Although she is unable to read the reports, she can see her picture there. What if she is attempting to adopt Chanda? She claims that these are my healthcare records. I must consult someone on these reports.

Amrita receives a call from the school asking her to visit and discuss Tara. When Amrita gets there, she observes Tara and Chanda engaged in combat. Chanda’s head is wrapped, she discovers. What occurred, she queries? The teacher claims Tara assaulted Chandini. Chanda claims that I experienced no events. Tara is asked by Amrita to apologise to her. She believes that since I reared her, she is my daughter. Tara apologises to Chanda. Amrita apologises to Chandini and the other girl. You can become her mother if you believe I’m always incorrect, Tara yells. Don’t speak to Tara in that way, Chanda tells Tara after apologising. Stop it, Tara commands before leaving the area.

When Gauri takes the reports to a pharmacy, she asks the clerk if he can read them for her. According to him, Amrita had a daughter who had a moon mark on her neck. Gauri is taken aback. According to your daughter’s birthmark beneath her foot, according to your report, he claims. Gauri is in awe. She picks up the reports and walks away. Gauri claims, “Now I see what was happening.” The hospital switched our girls. She spots Tara, Chanda, and Amrita in the park. She approaches them and offers to feed the woman since she is her daughter at this time. What are you talking about, asks Amrita? Don’t be foolish, Tara is my daughter, adds Gauri. As per Tara, I am not. As per Chanda, I am your daughter. I agreed with Gauri, but since Amrita gave birth to you, she is more sensitive to your needs. You will be my lucky charm, she claims, and because Tara is my daughter, everything she possesses is also mine. It all turns out to be Gauri’s fantasy when she exclaims, “I shall live like a queen now.” Gauri chuckles and declares, “I need to determine whether Tara is my kid and see if she has a mark on her foot.”

Tara and Chanda are brought home by Amrita. Tara informs Maasa that Mama reprimanded me excessively. Amrita claims that she assaulted Chanda and a girl.

Gauri visits Amrita after returning the reports to her room. Amrita is being chastised by Maasa for berating Tara. Tara claims that she no longer loves me. Gauri grinned and said, “I need to learn more about the mark.” She accidentally pours water in Tara’s direction and then apologises and promises to wipe it up. You are a servant, Tara says as she pulls her away. Gauri says it’s OK, I’ll wash your feet. When Gauri removes her shoes, she discovers a mark. You are a servant, Tara yells, telling her to get out of here. Gauri grins and believes Tara to be her daughter.

As she enters Sarita’s chamber, Gauri is busy honing her knife. Don’t make decisions in a hurry, advises Sarita. Gauri declares that she wants money—their money. She loses the knife to Sarita, who informs us that we must wait six months. Gauri claims that my daughter is criticising me because I’m illiterate, underprivileged, and a thief. According to Sarita, Chanda insulted you. Gauri claims that I am insulting her by implying that Tara beat her up. At all costs, I need money. Talk to Gopal then, Sarita advises.

The medical records are placed in Tara’s secure room when she enters. Gauri cannot now take my Chandini from me, according to Amrita.

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