Sanjog 18th October 2022 Written Update

Sanjog Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Sanjog 18th October 2022 Written Update on

Sanjog Written Update

Amrita assures Tara that you and Chandini will strengthen one another as a team. We’ll go to school together, Tara adds as she gives Chandini a hug.

Chanda sends her brother Bitto chocolates. He is upset with her for not bringing more. She cries when he clutches her arm. Amrita arrives and inquires as to what is going on. Chandini is questioned, “Why were they harming you?” My brother, Chanda says. Gauri appears and explains that because she is similar to your little sister, you shouldn’t strike her. Amrita intervenes as she begins to beat the man. She requests that the youngsters go. Gauri is warned not to beat the kids by Amrita. If someone damaged Tara, wouldn’t you be furious, since Gauri claims she is your child?

She was inside of me for nine months. I’ve warned you not to interfere in my daughter’s affairs; if you do, Chandini and I will leave. I warned you to quit threatening me, Amrita says, and don’t think I can’t evict you from the home without Chandini because I’m keeping her here to make her study and grow into a nice person. A mother’s role extends beyond simple childbirth to include shaping and nurturing the child’s life. Do not believe that I cannot remove you without Chandini. Gauri said she became enraged and advises not to. Don’t bring up the idea of removing Chandini going forward, advises Amrita.

Chandini and Tara are prepared for school. They are waved off by Amrita and go. Amrita arrives to the mandir and believes Minakshi is now revealing her true colours.

Gauri reprimands her children and orders them to stop bothering Chanda. She is really our ace in the hole.

If Chandini is my daughter, then whose daughter is Minakshi’s, asks Amrita when she is meditating at the mandir. She remembers how they were at the same hospital for an accident and birth at the same time. Possibly Tara is her daughter, she wonders. I must discover the truth.

Gauri believes Amrita is normally peaceful, so why did she get so enraged when I mentioned removing Chanda? When Rakshita arrives, she is asked to provide water. Then, Minakshi continues, you may take it on your own. Give it away, advises Rakshita. Water is pushed on her by Minakshi. Rakshita yells at her, but Minakshi holds her and commands her not to antagonise her. You left the prison, right? You believe you can deceive me? I’m watching you right now. Simply leave. Just wait, Rakshita adds; I’ll call Amrita.

Amrita enters the medical facility’s records area. She receives the reports from that date from the individual. On Chanda’s file, she discovers Gauri’s name. She believes Gauri is Minakshi’s true name?

The family is dining with Gauri, Gopal, and themselves. I don’t want to live here like slaves, Gauri claims. Gopal argues that because my case is still pending, we must wait for six months before taking any action. Amrita is caring for our kid, which is great of her. Gauri claims that she treats her like a daughter. Suppose she steals Chanda away from us. Gopal becomes irate and orders to halt. No one can take Chanda away from me. You are merely blinded by Chanda, Gauri tells him, stopping him. They’re asked to calm down by Sarita. Gopal claims Chanda is fortunate for us, but don’t ever mention our daughter being taken by someone else. Gauri advises me to learn more about Amrita.

Amrita enters the mandir and starts to sob. She discovers that Chanda is really her daughter when she reads her reports. She is astonished to learn that Tara is Gauri’s daughter when she reads Tara’s reports and sees Gauri’s picture.

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