Sanjog 17th October 2022 Written Update

Sanjog Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Sanjog 17th October 2022 Written Update on

Sanjog Written Update

Today Sanjog Episode Starts With Chanda is playing with Gopal while referring to him as Bappu. Amrita arrives and inquires as to what is going on. Gopal turns and leaves, saying, “I’m sorry. I came to aid her because she was harmed.” It’s OK, says Amrita. You may take Kothari’s name away from me because I want Tara to be my buddy, Chanda informs Amrita. Amrita claims that you need this name in order to study and that she will speak to Tara if you pursue an education. Gopal remarks that it’s wonderful to see you doing all of this since seldom do I see individuals lending a hand. She was fortunate to discover you. Amrita thinks I’m fortunate.

Rajeev questions Maasa, saying, “Why did you listen to that Minakshi (Gauri)? She brought her grandchildren and you shouldn’t have allowed her to bring a lady for massages.” Now, they will all remain in Manju’s room.

Gauri visits Heera, Panna, and Sarita. Chanda is warned by Gauri not to speak to them in front of the other people. They are unknown to us outside of this place. Gopal arrives and gives his children hugs. I have a present for you, says Gauri.

Rajeev is informed by Maasa that Sarita would look after me. Gauri yells that there is a snake. Rajeev and Amrita visit her. Gauri claims that I saw a snake slithering around. Sarita’s room was in the area, and Chandini was also there. Rajeev says I make an assistance request. Gopal appears and tells me that I may go and capture it. These folks, according to Rajeev, know how to do it. Amrita warns Gopal to exercise caution. Gopal enters the secure room when Amrita unlocks it to capture the snake. He considers it impossible to take at this time when he sees all the wealth there. He exits the room and hands Rajeev a bag while claiming to have captured a snake. He then departs from it. Anjali notices everything and believes I ought to take action.

Gopal is instructed by Gauri to prepare to burglarize the room.

Anjali approaches Tara and threatens to steal everything from her since Chandini also stole your identity. When Amrita arrives, she asks, “Are you teaching my daughter all of this?” I’ll let Rajeev know. You believe Rajeev will pay attention to you, Anjali asks? He refuses. Tara threatens Amrita, saying, “If you don’t remove my name from Chandini, I’ll remain with Anjali.” Don’t act like this, Chandini is your buddy, advises Amrita. Tara claims she won’t accompany me to school and won’t even stay in my room. From now on, Anjali will drive me to school. Chanda arrives and overhears everything. Sadly, she departs. Amrita approaches her and assures her that she will speak with Tara.

Tara and Anjali are brought to the school by Gopal. Anjali abandons her and leaves without even saying goodbye.

The principal assigns them another another drawing assignment while Tara is present in the classroom. She claims Tara has big expectations for me. The principal criticises Tara’s picture and claims that she cheated that day. Tara sobs and flees the area.

Outside of the school, Anjali is on the phone. For turning Tara against Chandini, Gopal is furious with her. He picks up a stone and prepares to hurl it at her when she turns around, forcing him to stop.

When Tara gets home, she is in tears. Anjali is asked to go by her. Tara is comforted by Amrita when she arrives. Give her a hug and tell her not to weep. Tara explains to her how Anjali abandoned her outside the school and she was left without someone to assist her sketch. Only buddies are permitted at school, according to Amrita. Why is Chandini unable to reveal her identity to you if she is your friend? You two would complement one another’s strengths in the classroom. I want to be powerful, Tara says. Alongside Chandini I’ll be. Chanda arrives and gives her a hug.

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