Sanjog 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Sanjog Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Written Episode of Sanjog 14th October 2022 Update on

Sanjog Written Update

Amrita is asked by Rajeev whether she placed the grease in Maasa’s chamber. Amrita advises that you first need to ascertain the truth. We’re all puzzled, therefore I believe salt will be helpful. Rajini is taken from there by Amrita. She takes her to the kitchen and invites everyone in. Rajini is tasked by Amrita with determining which of the jars contains salt. Rajini selects a single jar. She’s asked to sample it by Amrita. Rajini asks, “What’s happening?” Have you lost your mind? Maasa claims she is holding back. Stop everything, Rajeev commands. She drives us nuts, according to Rajini.

Rajini is asked to just sample it by Amrita. Gauri is asked to open her lips so that Rajini may taste it. Gauri takes a sip and declares it to be soda. Amrita claims that although I added soda to what you believed to be salt. Minakshi made a mistake when she assumed the cleanser in the container was really grease. She made a mistake because she is human. You may make up tales, says Rajini. Amrita is told by Rajeev, “I know you can’t pull off such a stunt.” He warns Gauri to exercise caution moving forward. He requests Rajini to put a stop to this. Rajeev notices Amrita’s grin. Lakshita storms out in rage.

Gauri visits Amrita and expresses gratitude. Your spouse trusts you, he claims. Gauri claims that if someone insults her daughter, she would leave.

Lakshita approaches Rajeev and tells him to put all of your faith in her. You know Amrita wouldn’t do anything like this, adds Rajeev. We must establish a convincing error against her. Don’t worry, he adds; I want to make you my wife. He requests the nurse to bring his mother when he receives a call from the hospital. He warns Lakshita that I must exercise caution since I can’t risk losing Tara. He then departs from it.

Gauri is massaging Maasa’s back while requesting that she use less pressure. Amrita brings her juice. Maasa requests food since she is hungry.

Chandini is approached by Tara, who snatches her hair. You are not a Kothari, she yells. Gauri and Amrita get there. They attempt to yank Tara away. Tara chews on Chandini’s hand just as Amrita is about to strike her. You can’t injure your buddy, Amrita yells. Tara is correct, Chandini is not a Kothari, claims Rajini. I don’t want it, Gauri claims; Amrita gave it to Chandini. Tara claims that if you tell her my name, I won’t speak to her. The flashback depicts Rajini telling Tara that while we are Kotharis and own everything in this place, Chandini has changed her name to Kothari so she may take it all from you. The memory lane fades. Amrita is told by Tara to take their name back from Chandini or she would be kicked out of the home. Tara then departs. Amrita feels upset when she sees Chandini sobbing. Rajini claims she was accurate. Gauri yells, “Don’t rile me up; we are not beggars.” Rajini storms out in rage.

Amrita approaches Tara and attempts to speak with her, telling her that she is Tara’s mother and that Chandini cannot be given the name. You aren’t paying attention to me, Tara claims. She is urged to calm down by Amrita. She departs when Maasa calls Amrita. Maasa is informed by Rajeev that the nurse is coming for your massage. Her feet are being massaged by Gauri. Maasa argues that they are subpar. Gauri advises that you employ a professional with experience in the field; she knows one. Then contact her there, Maasa advises. Amrita observes.

Playing with Chandini is Gopal. Don’t be sad, he tells her while making her laugh. When Amrita arrives, she observes them having fun. Hears her calling him “bappo” from her.

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