Sanjog 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Sanjog Written Episode

Zee Tv Serial Written Episode of Sanjog 13th October 2022 Update on

Sanjog Written Update

Scene 1 When Amrita enters her room, Lakshita is cuddling Rajeev. Amrita, says Rajeev? Lakshita embraces Amrita and says, “I don’t want to leave you people now. I have lived and endured for seven years.” Don’t feel alone, Amrita replies; I’m here for you. Rajeev chuckles. Don’t be alarmed; I’ll be with you, Amrita tells Lakshita as she leads her to her room.

As Gauri enters the garden, she searches the area for her whiskey bottle. Amrita arrives and warns against drinking alcohol there since there are children around. Gauri retorts, “You believe I’ve had alcohol,” Your breath smells like mine. As per Amrita, I don’t want to. She is forced to sniff her breath by Gauri, who then asks whether she can smell alcohol. You blamed me even though I didn’t drink since I’m a poor person. You can’t call me names simply because I’m a beggar. Playing with my honour will result in my leaving with Chandini. Why are you behaving ambiguous, Amrita asks? Avoid making the same error again.

Chanda accidentally runs into Maasa in the morning; she reprimands her and tells her, “I’ll have to take a shower since you touched me; you are not clean.” Thereafter, she departs. Gauri observes. Rajini sits next to Rajeev and tells him, “Amrita doesn’t look after you; she forces him to eat. Gauri notices this.

Gauri enters Maasa’s chamber and adds oil and soap. She claims that the veteran will now realise her error. Thereafter, she departs. Maasa arrives and trips on the soap; she yells, drawing everyone to her. She is driven to the hospital by Rajeev. Amrita observes the grease on the floor.

Gauri is approached by Amrita, who says, “I have something for you,” while holding Gauri’s hands and displaying her bangles. She remarks that you did it to Maasa after smelling grease on your fingers. Gauri exclaims, “Yes, I am a mother and a person.” I’ve had enough today of my kid being disrespected, and I can’t stand it. No one can prevent me from defending her. If someone attempts to harm her, Chandini and I will flee. Don’t include her in this, Amrita urges. Gauri claims that she is in the middle and that because she is my daughter, I won’t subject her to the insults. Amrita believes Chandini shouldn’t be punished because Maasa made a few errors, but I sincerely apologise on her behalf. She enjoys her time here studying and picking up new skills. Everything will be ruined if someone finds out that you did this. Everyone will dismiss you and cast doubt on you. Gauri declares, “I don’t care; I’m leaving just today.” Stop this nonsense, Amrita scolds, I’m trying to convince you that Chandini should remain here. Then speak to Maasa, but I won’t listen to you; you’re incorrect, Gauri replies. Amrita claims you made a mistake today. Stop your taunting, Gauri replies; handle her; I don’t care.

Cleaning up the grease in Maasa’s room, Amrita claims that Minakshi (Gauri) can’t be held accountable for what she done. Rajini enters the room as she is finishing her severe cleaning. Rajini glares at Amrita after discovering the oil on the floor. What were you doing, she queries? Amrita claims I’m only cleaning. Rajini claims you attempted to murder Maasa. I’ll let Rajeev know you did it. Her reports will come to me first. Rajeev won’t spare you if anything happens to her. She displays her medical records and threatens Rajeev with eviction if he learns about them. There, Lakshita shows up. Rajeev will now choose your sentence, according to Rajini. Despite hiding, Gopal and Gauri are always listening. Rajini claims that I have communicated with Rajeev. I didn’t do it, according to Amrita.

Maasa is examined by the doctor, who finds no significant damage. Rajeev returns her to her house. He examines the floor’s oil. I want to speak to you, Amrita says. You intended to murder me, Maasa says. If I hadn’t survived today, Gauri draws Amrita’s attention. Rajini advises Rajeev to make a choice right now. Gauri believes that we will have to leave if she is expelled. Rajink requests an immediate decision from Rajeev. Amrita queries Rajeev over their sincerity. Amrita observes.

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