Salman Khan On Charging 1000 Crore For Bigg Boss 16

Bigg Boss 16

At the Bigg Boss 16 premiere, Salman Khan, who is scheduled to return as the show’s host for season 16, revealed some jaw-dropping comments. Salman discussed hosting 12 consecutive seasons of the programme, the fact that his mother did not watch Bigg Boss 15, and his much-discussed compensation.

Salman responded, “Yes, there are instances when I have to go beyond boundaries because the candidates go excessive,” when asked about losing his temper and being influenced by the contestants. The viewers only see an edited hour of the programme, not the actual video we saw, and they often do not understand why I responded in such a loud manner. They see the altered materials. The level with the badtameezi kid level Paar kar dete hain log woh nahi dekh paate ke. I step in to prevent them from going over the line. I’m not affected since I have other issues to deal with.

Infuriated at times, he said, “I’ve informed the network that I don’t want to host the programme. However, they are powerless and return to me. They would have removed me long ago if given the chance. They wouldn’t show up to take my position. There are many others who have taken my position.

Salman said, “The greater the competition, the better it is,” when questioned about competition from other programmes with a similar structure. Our level and everyone else’s will only rise due to the competition. It will raise the bar for both us and reality television. That is not competition unless you are attempting to bring someone down. It ought to be sound.

He clarified his compensation of Rs 1000 crore by stating, “All those rumours concerning my fees are false. I would never work a day in my life even if I ever received Rs. 1 billion. But the day will come when I get this sum of money. I truly need attorneys if I am paid this much since I have so many other expenditures. My attorneys are on par with Salman Khan. Not even a quarter of what I make even comes close. The departments of ED and income tax also read these reports.

Salman said of his mother’s Bigg Boss 16 fandom: “My mum used to watch Bigg Boss a lot, but she has stopped watching. She has begun to watch other programmes. She saw the season of Gauahar. She continued to watch until the fourteenth season, but only while I was present. It’s getting out of hand, my aunt Hiroo also said to me.

“They offer me advice, and then I get carried away,” he said. I confront them there thereafter. They say, “Bajao these folks,” and I start to lose control. They demand that I go do something. I am fully energised.

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