Saavi Ki Savaari 18th October 2022 Written Update

Saavi Ki Savaari Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial Saavi Ki Savaari 18th October 2022 Written Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari 18 October 2022

Nityam gets out of bed in the morning. He goes to the changing room after changing his clothing and putting on the shoes. He wonders why she is sleeping in the cabinet after discovering her there. After closing the door, he leaves it open when he returns. After waking up, Saavi looks at the clock. According to Chattriprasad Ajanta express time, she believes the time to be 6:30 a.m. Pack my tiffin, Maa, she adds. She enters the room and becomes aware of the truth. Saavi is asked for ginger water by Brijesh. Nutan packs her tiffin according to her preferences and claims to have made it. Ratna requests a back massage from Saavi after claiming to be experiencing back discomfort.

They comprehend the reality. Nutan claims that I was unaware that she had departed. Calling Nutan, Saavi requests that she put the call on speaker. She informs Ratna that she has placed oil at the side of the bed and requests that Ananya use it to ease her back ache. She informs Ananya that all of her homework has been messaged. She requests that Nutan give Mama some ginger water. She tells Nutan to speak with the grocery store vendor and promises to reimburse him the next week. How is everyone doing, Nutan queries?

She queries if she slept on the first night. Saying yes, Saavi requests that she ask Sonam to give her a call. Yes, says Nutan. Call is cut off by Saavi. Nutan claims Saavi was depressed. Ratna promises she will be content. She promises Brijesh that she would offer him ginger water. Saavi is now considering how she will pay for her house. When Nityam returns, Saavi is clutching her uniform. Who will carry the outfit to his sister’s wedding, he inquires. Saavi claims that she is always able to get passengers. She claims to have several inquiries and poses them. My life, my rules; your issues, not mine, responds Nityam in response to your query.

Nityam arrives for breakfast and requests that Giridhar summon Dada ji and Yudi to join her. Yudi requested that Giridhar bring their breakfast to their room, according to Giridhar. He reads about Saavi’s marriage in the papers and becomes furious. He invites Vedika to come and drink tea. According to Vedika, she ought to have requested that Giridhar not bring newspapers today. Did you see what was published, he inquires. Saavi visits the on-site temple and offers prayers. She receives a call from Vedika, who forces her to wait on the beta and bahu. She inquires whether she would like a cup of strong tea. Black tea without milk, says Nityam. Saavi claims to not often drink tea. Whoever is not drinking tea, Nityam continues, may go. Saavi is requested to bring some fruit by Vedika. Dimpy arrives there after his run and welcomes Saavi. Saavi is questioned about why she isn’t seeking for a new husband. She claims that your attire does not meet Dalmia’s standards. She says you should have gotten clothing from Sonam as you grabbed other stuff from her. She tells Giridhar that your clothing is covered in numerous threads and requests that he bring the scissors. She trims the strands while making fun of the idea of cutting her hair. She then reveals that she has some loose-fitting clothing. Saavi will fit in it, according to her, although she may not carry as well. Vedika requests that she go to her room and eat breakfast there. Nityam reports that I’m headed to work. He claims to have taken five days off. Vedika claims that you also worked there. She requests that he bring Saavi along so they may go shopping for her. Saavi claims that I am dressed. Nityam claims to be busy. This is necessary, according to Vedika.

Nityam and Saavi are in the vehicle. She has kinnars who call her. Saavi welcomes them. The window is closed by Nityam. Saavi blesses individuals and claims they are kinnars. Nityam claims that since you married me, your fate has improved. Opening the window is Saavi. Saavi is blessed by the kinnars, who also beg Nityam to smile. Saavi begs Nityam for some money since she claims she doesn’t have much. He claims that I exclusively donate money to those who are disabled. If you will provide them a job, Saavi inquires. No. She challenges him to choose between paying for their transportation or skipping his meetings. She claims that the saying is penny smart and pound stupid. The cash is given by Nityam. Saavi offers them cash, but after stealing some, they return the bills. They then approach Nityam’s side and offer blessings while maintaining contact with his hand. Saavi laughs as his hairstyle is ruined. He straightens his hair and asks whether she is grinning because he looks like a joker. They blessed you, why so seriously, she asks. As he doesn’t have time to squander on her, Nityam requests that she save Rs. 1 lakh in cash and do her own shopping. She inquires as to why you consented in front of Vedika aunt. She is asked not to imply that he will adopt his mother’s name. I don’t need your money, she claims. She is urged to leave so as not to aggravate Nityam. Saavi exits the vehicle.

Brijesh learns that the food store declined to provide them rations on credit. He queries if you informed him that his money would be returned. Ratna claims that I did. They should refrain from fighting, Nutan adds, and Ananya will fetch milk while I brew tea. Ananya arrives and reports that the milkman has declined to deliver milk since Saavi is now married and someone else must pay the bill. We need money for domestic needs, according to Brijesh. Saavi had requested that we take money out of the box in the kitchen, Nutan informs Ananya. I have to collect some things from home, so Saavi calls Nutan and asks if I’ll come home. She is asked to go by Nutan. Ratna said that we will visit your sasural to have tea and cream-filled cookies. Saavi tells me to go there. Ratna concurs. She is urged by Brijesh not to speak to Saavi. Nutan claims that we shouldn’t worry Saavi. She claims that we will take action.

Saavi visits the local area. If she come for pagphera, the neighbours inquire. No, Saavi asserts, she arrived in that manner. They inquire as to your reason for wearing dated attire and her lack of jewellery. They inquire as to why she is travelling alone, etc. Saavi becomes anxious upon hearing their inquiries. When she sees Chattriprasad, she embraces it and becomes calm.

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