Saavi Ki Savaari 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Saavi Ki Savaari Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Saavi Ki Savaari 14th October 2022 Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari Written Update

After her grah pravesh, Saavi enters the Dalmia home to begin the episode. Sonam is asked to leave by Nutan, who is holding her hand. Saavi enters the room. Sonam is pushed out of the home by Nutan, who claims that she is making amends for not instilling in her proper morals. She claims that you turned on your own sister. Ratna tells Jiji to halt. She claims that because you eliminated one revenue source, if you eliminate the other, we won’t have any roti.

She asks whether you, myself, my husband, and my 15-year-old daughter would bring meals for the group. What are you saying, Nutan queries? When we reared Sonam and educated her in the hope that she would improve our condition, Ratna remarks, “But you are tossing her for your self respect.” Sonam committed a sin, according to Nutan, and I will make a concession by allowing her to remain here. Ratna says to make a deal?

She claims that when you arrived here with two girls and your belongings, I made a compromise. When Ananya’s father brought you people after Jija had departed, she claims, even I had to make a compromise. In an effort to make good on her obligation to Sonam, she claims that the roti was split into 6 pieces and begs for forgiveness. She claims that you must keep Sonam in the home in order to settle the debt for the benefit of everyone. Nutan spills the bag on the ground.

Vedika informs Saavi that they would prepare the other rasams as well and that they love the rasams, which will strengthen their marriage. They won’t be taking part in any rasams, so Yudi advises Vedika not to have any expectations for them. Vedika responds, “No issue, I felt proud of my destiny to receive Saavi as bahu. I was glad.” She assures Nityam and Saavi that any disagreements would be resolved via the ghatbandhan knot. She requests that Tashu bring Saavi to her room. From there, Tashu transports Saavi. Vedika claims that by not using her full words, she didn’t want to offend her. When you made a choice, Yudi claims you insulted us. You have revealed my true position in this home, the woman claims.

Vedika claims that you are the family’s chief together with Bau Ji. Why did you choose auto wali to be the bahu of the home, queries Yudi. Vedika admits that she acted hastily and admits that she couldn’t reject Bade Mahant Ji’s advice after he had forewarned that the mahurat would take place at the same mahurat. You didn’t inform us, according to Yudi, because you were worried that we wouldn’t agree. Perhaps, Vedika adds, adding that Saavi would turn out to be lucky for them. When the automobile stopped on the route, according to Dimpy, they arrived at Chattriprasad.

They are urged to embrace Saavi by Vedika. They no longer have a mother-daughter relationship, and Yudi requests that she be referred to as Amma ji. Nityam informs Vedika that he never saw them argue and that Yudi has now taken on the role of Amma ji. I hope your faith in Saavi is justified, he adds. Saavi is my bahu, and Vedika says she is confident in her and believes that she would solve any issue. While escorting Saavi to Nityam’s chamber, Tashu thinks back to what he said.

She is invited inside by Tashu once he opens the door. When Saavi walks in, she notices the interior design. If there is anything you don’t like, Tashu will arrange to have it altered. She claims to have decorated the room to suit Sonam’s preferences. Giridhar will bring your baggage, according to her. She moves it after seeing Sonam and Nityam’s names inscribed in flower petals on the bed. After apologising to Saavi, she leaves.

We shall remain here as strangers since our mother-daughter relationship is broken, Nutan says when he visits Sonam. I let you stay here because of Ratna. If you continue in this manner, she claims, you will never be happy. Because you are my daughter, I feel guilty. Sonam remarks, “You have stolen everything from me, everything was mine, Maa has severed ties with me today,” upon seeing Saavi and her photoframe. Saavi will never be content in that home, she curses.

When Nityam enters the room, Saavi is already standing. Welcome! May I get some champagne for you? I got an exquisite bottle from London, and what better day could there be for you than today. For me, Saavi says. Whether you’re the kind of girl who claims she doesn’t drink, Nityam inquires if you are. How will you celebrate then, he asks? What does Saavi ask for? Nityam declares a ceremony to split my home and make me Mrs. Dalmia. He claims that whereas Sonam excelled in the MBA programme, you excelled in dishonesty and treachery and cleverly seized your sister’s position in this home. Saavi claims that you are falsely accusing me of being Sonam didi and that you were unable to wed her because of the compatibility of our kundalis.

She claims that I was unaware of the rarity of our kundalis. Nityam claims that you were aware of this and deliberated on when to use it. No, says Saavi. You were aware that my family would not approve auto wali, Nityam claims, adding that Sonam was the ideal life companion for him. He claims that she revealed the kundali issue only before the wedding, and as a result, his mother appointed her as her bahu. He claims that you were gradually creating a space in my mother’s home via careful planning, and he wishes he had known about your cunning mind earlier so he could have exposed you. Wow, you’ll get an award for the made-up tale in which you made me the villain while making yourself the hero to cover up your error, says Saavi. She claims that you consented to getting married before blaming me. She claims that with your permission, we are present in this space. Nityam begs her to leave her dreams and inquires as to if I consented initially. Saavi questions if Vedika aunty misled her by falsely claiming that Mr. Dalmia had consented to their marriage.

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