Saavi Ki Savaari 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Saavi Ki Savaari Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Saavi Ki Savaari 13th October 2022 Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari Written Update

Nityam and Saavi are seated at Chattriprasad at the beginning of the episode. Nityam is asked by the media whether he intends to replicate that romantic rainy night when they arrive. Sonam’s neighbour advises her that she should have conducted a 16-Monday fast since knowledge alone is insufficient. A other neighbour claims that Saavi has stolen Sonam’s future. Old neighbour Jamuna Kaki and the other women show up and encourage Saavi since she received what was meant for her. Nutan expresses gratitude to Jamuna kaki and explains that Saavi made the rounds for the sake of both families. She requests that they pray for Sonam to find a life mate like to Nityam.

Sonam enters the space and thinks back to the offensive remarks made by Dimpy and the neighbours. Nutan knocks on Sonam’s door and says, “I know that so much has occurred because of us. If we hadn’t known about Kundali, we would have made a major mistake and you would have married Nityam.” She informs her that Saavi wasn’t ready to become Mrs. Dalmia and urges her to carry out her older sister’s responsibilities. She also promises to mentor Saavi.

Ratna claims that it is really challenging to recover from the trauma. Sonam didi will be OK, according to Ananya, since the Dalmias may throw a party for her because it’s her birthday in two days. If Sonam knew it was Saavi’s birthday at the time, Nutan recalls and queries Ratna as to why she didn’t inform anybody and led everyone to assume it was Saavi’s birthday. She claims Sonam was aware that the kundali that matched belonged to Saavi and not to her.

While waiting for Nityam and Saavi, Vedika and the others inform them that their phones are off. According to Kiran, they chose a different approach as a result of the media. Along with Yudi and Dada ji, Tashu travels there. Tashu claims that Nityam gave them the incorrect path when their vehicle stalled on the highway. Vedika claims he would have sought Saavi’s assistance. Nityam, according to Yudi, dislikes Saavi. Yudi, says Vedika.

Dimpy makes snide remarks about Nityam and Saavi as they enter Chattriprasad. Nityam and Saavi exit the car. Vedika observes. Ratna is informed by Nutan that Sonam was acting as if it were her birthday, that she had removed her name off the cake, and that she had refused to accompany them to the Dalmias’ home despite Vedika’s command. She explains Sonam’s motivation for doing this action. Ratna claims Sonam presented Mahant ji with kundalis. She places whole responsibility on Sonam, claims she did something we are unable to imagine, claims she didn’t want kundali pujan, and claims this implies that she had burned the kundalis. She asks Sonam to open the door by knocking on it. Sonam emerges. If this is true, Nutan inquires, did you replace your kundali with Saavi’s kundali? Sonam is asked by Ratna to explain why she committed such a serious offence.

Nityam is questioned by the reporter about why he married one sister after becoming engaged to another. He inquires about Sonam’s well-being and inquires as to whether the marriage was preplanned. The reporter inquires as to whether this is part of your strategy and reveals that his office janitor is also a graduate before asking whether his marriage to the car driver is a publicity stunt or part of his business plan. Calling a person, Nityam requests that he halt the news channel broadcast. There are no more questions, he continues, and bids farewell.

If you modified the kundali and provided the incorrect kundali to Mahant ji, Nutan queries Sonam. She queries if you betrayed us all and attempted to seize Saavi’s fate. Sonam claims it was all a fraud and that she modified the kundali to remove the connection between bank managers. She claims that it was all in my destiny and that she was unaware that Saavi’s kundali would align with Nityam’s. According to Nutan, it is Saavi’s fate. I know you well, she adds, and you deceived your sister, who had done so much for you, because you are greedy.

According to Sonam, she received a recompense for her efforts and married Nityam Dalmia. According to Nutan, Saavi’s good karma wrote her fate, and as a result, Saavi chose Nityam ji as her life spouse. And, as Sonam adds, with my mother’s blessings, which I never had. Nutan claims that I have consistently overlooked your errors and holds you and everyone else accountable for betraying our faith in you. Ratna begs Nutan to forgive Sonam and move ahead. Never, says Nutan. She promises to discipline her. She claims Sonam has a lot of issues with our hardships, therefore I’ll evict her from the home.

Vedika informs Yudi and Dimpy that they will greet her husband. She invites them and declares that her husband will no longer wait. She requests that Tashu upload her movies. Yudi requests that Dada ji come since she is unable to stand owing to knee discomfort. Just two minutes, says Vedika. Yudi says you must carry it out. Dimpy says she has to remove her makeup in order to participate in the aarti. Himesh claims that even I must leave to help her remove her makeup.

Tashu is asked whether she’ll accompany Vedika. Tashu is invited to visit and give Yudi some lotion. As the marriage hasn’t taken place as we had hoped, Nityam urges everyone to pause and states, “I realise that everyone’s concern is this marriage.” He claims that we had high hopes for this marriage. He claims that his mother has decided to bring her preferred bahu so that everyone may support her. Saavi’s aarti is performed by Yudi, Dimpy, and finally Vedika. Saavi is invited into Vedika’s brand-new home by Vedika. While Nutan hurls Sonam outside, Saavi kicks Kalash and enters the home.

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