Saavi Ki Savaari 12th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Saavi Ki Savaari Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial Saavi Ki Savaari 12th October 2022 Update on

Saavi Ki Savaari Written Update

Beginning the episode, Nutan informs Saavi about the bidaai ceremony, which she performs to bring good fortune to the household and to show her appreciation for her family. When Saavi departs, there won’t be enough food, Ratna warns Brijesh. Saavi made a great deal of sacrifices for us, according to Brijesh. Saavi approaches him. Brijesh begs him to help her start her married life pleasantly and promises to contact her often to keep in touch. He tells her to start her new life joyously and assures her that everything would be OK. What about your cold beverage, Saavi queries? My friend Brijesh says I won’t drink. If Nutan has any job, Saavi urges her to give her a call. She claims that I will always be the daughter of the home and that I will always be responsible for you all. She instructs her to take the money out of the steel box stored in the kitchen and to go for a stroll.

She is told by Nutan to focus on her bidaai. She embraces her. She gives Sonam a hug and expresses gratitude for coming. Did you inform anybody about Shiv, Sonam queries. No, says Saavi. After giving Ratna and Ananya hugs, Saavi requests that they focus on their schoolwork rather than making any more films. She begins to move. If Saavi ki Sawari is going, Brijesh inquires. Mama ji, Saavi quickly exclaims while sobbing. If the mechanic can’t complete the job correctly, Dimpy queries. Himesh queries what we want to accomplish by having the automobile break down. Dimpy asserts that everything is horrible if the beginning is bad. She expresses her desire to destroy Nityam and Saavi’s marriage.

As instructed by the bidaai rasam, Saavi tosses the rice grains over her head. She then approaches Chattriprasad and gives it a hug. Saavi is told not to worry about Chattriprasad by Brijesh, who also promises to get a friend to carry it to Hanuman Gali. Saavi advises him to drive carefully on the speed breaker since the suspension has to be fixed. She waves goodbye to everyone and turns to face Nityam. She is forced to sit in the automobile by Vedika. Saavi and Nityam drive away. Vedika embraces Nutan. Nutan sobs. Vedika beams. Nutan grins as well. Nityam takes off his turban and ornament and thinks back to Mahant ji’s advice. He urges the driver to halt the automobile after recalling the media’s portrayal of his marriage.

He steps down and takes the driver’s seat. Saavi covers herself and turns to face him as he turns up the air conditioning. Nityam phones Kiran and inquires as to why the media is pursuing me. Kiran claims that I told the driver to take you from a different route so that the media would not be aware of it. Vedika asks Dimpy to inform the workers whether the preparations for the grah pravesh have been made. Dimpy claims that while everything was planned, no one was prepared for this bride. Vedika predicts that things will work out for Nityam.

Dimpy’s plot causes Nityam’s automobile to halt on the. Driver promises Nityam that he will get assistance and leaves. Saavi comes down and says he won’t be coming since he ran away from you out of fear and may have turned off his phone. You have a PhD in psychology, Nityam claims. When he contacts the driver, his phone is off. Tashu requests that Yudi play the song. Yudi is angry over the bride switch. Nityam phones Tashu and informs him that his vehicle broke down upon route, leaving his brother and sister trapped. She requests that Nityam deliver the address. The internet, according to Nityam, is sluggish. Saavi will now accompany us, according to Yudi. Kids are trapped there, according to Dadi ji. Saavi attempts to assist, but Nityam gives Tashu the incorrect way. Saavi will soon make a call. I am aware that you are calling my Maa, Nityam says. Saavi claims that if I call her, she would get tense.

long with others, Ratna, Nutan, and Sonam go home. The automobile comes to a halt in front of the Hanuman Gali. Ratna claims that if you two hadn’t objected, they would have sent us in their automobile. She claims I would have urged Sonam’s wife-to-be to… She is Saavi’s mother-in-law, according to Brijesh. Saavi allegedly substituting for Sonam is a topic of conversation. Nityam informs Tashvi of her arrival. Chattriprasad is delivered there just then by car driver Raju. Raju claims, “I received your call and arrived here.” Saavi invites Nityam.

You can’t possibly believe that I’ll be sitting in this Chattriprasad, adds Nityam. Saavi claims that I had no choice. I will wait for Tashu, Nityam adds, and she has shown her the precise location. Tashu reports that they followed the directions and came to a standstill. She claims that Dada ji wants you to consult Bhabhi for guidance. They discovered a means to go home, Nityam tells her to tell Dada ji. He requests that they leave and promise to return. He invites Saavi to go. Saavi believes that Chattriprasad is there for her throughout this difficult time. They recline in the car. The media shows there and inquires as to whether they became closer over that soggy night, leading Nityam to alter his bride. The neighbour encourages Sonam to rebel against Saavi because she feels sorry for her.

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