Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Suhani Forces Gehna To Write A Letter

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 6 June 2022 Written Episode on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya Written Update

Gehna imagines Surya, who tells her to get up for his and Urmila’s sake, and she does so. When she comes to, she discovers it was all in her head. When Surya tells her he can’t let go of his wife and mother, she responds that she can’t.

Urmila is covered in a nearby gunny sack. Urmila doesn’t respond when she shakes her and urges her to wake up. She yells in disbelief as she checks her pulse.

As Suhani explains to Surya, Gehna isn’t a child and will come home soon, so there’s no need to contact the police. Angry at her, Kaddu tells her that making a police report would not cause any problems for them and that they will instead receive a solution to their issue. In response, she begs Surya to dial 911.

Because she believes Gehna must be with Agastya, Suhani begs Surya to speak to him on behalf of Agastya. Kaddu tells her to keep her accusations of being a lady to herself. In a café, Suhani claims to have seen Gehna and Agastya some time ago. When Dadaji says, “So what?” he tells Surya to first register a complaint. At the police station, Surya says he will see Agastya first and then go.

Sarika informs Suhani that all of her plans have been scuppered. Suhani demands fiercely that she stop talking. She contacts her assistant and wants him to ensure that Gehna writes a letter before she hurts her.. It takes Urmila a moment to catch her breath before she begs for water. After thanking God, Gehna pleads for rescue.

In the speaker, she hears the voice of Suhani’s helper, and she inquires as to whether or not Suhani is behind this. He demands that she make amends to Suhani. Gehna refuses to join the fight. When she requests for water, he tells her to apologise. She complies with his commands.

He tells her to smack herself, and she does just that. As soon as she puts the ice cube in the water bottle, she yells, “I need water!” Suhani is enthralled by the live video and concludes that Gehna should compose the letter and then go to heaven instead.

Agastya learns about Gehna’s disappearance from Surya. Agastya is stunned by the news. If they’re trying to halt the divorce with the game, Surya tells him to stop. Agastya gives him a tongue lashing and declares that he is unworthy of Gehna. When Agagastya’s peon steps in, Surya grits his teeth and storms out. Agastya is concerned about Gehna.

In order to rescue Urmila, Gehna begs Suhani’s assistance for some water. A note to Surya indicating that she doesn’t love him, that she’s pregnant, and that she’s leaving him because she doesn’t want to betray him longer is sent to her by him. She’s not going to do it. Urmila is dying, so he tells her that she has a limited amount of time. She declines once again, claiming that she loves Surya.

She’s still refusing. They will perish if she doesn’t comply with his demands for cold storage, he warns her. In order to bring Urmila out of cold storage first, she accepts and begs him to. Then he mocks her, saying that she will be the one to blame for the death of Urmila.. To spare Urmila’s life, she composes a letter in which she vows to never forget this sleazy game.

Surya goes to the police station and files a missing person’s report for Gehna. His friend’s well-being worries Agastya as well. In accordance with procedure, the inspector notifies them that they must wait for 24 hours. That angers Surya, who isn’t happy about it. To calm him down, Agastya tells him. Even though Surya still has feelings for her, he accepts the fact that he would do all in his power to locate her. Gehna is loved by Agastya, according to him. Hearing that, Surya is stunned.


On her way to get ready for the party, Gehna is waiting for Gopi. Gopi shows up to her bash.

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