Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th May 2022 Written Update Episode

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17th May 2022 Written Update, Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 17 May 2022 Written Episode on

Suhani goes to Shreya’s room and asks how is she. Shreya asks him the reason for coming. Suhani says that she always thinks well of her children and brings a gift for them. Shreya asks what is the gift. Suhani shows her rats in the cage. Shreya gets nervous and begs her to keep away. Suhani says that she is also afraid of losing control over the house and Surya. She slaps Shreya for getting Gehana out of jail and freeing the rats. Shreya jumps on the bed and calls Gehna and Dada for help. Suhani laughs and warns that this is just a trap and she will be in big trouble if she tries to help Gehna again. Hearing Shreya’s plea, Jewel runs and throws her out of the room. Suhani warns him not to interfere in his family issues as he is an outsider now. Jewel warns him to file a case of domestic violence and send him to jail along with him. She also challenges that she will never divorce Suriya and moves in with Shreya.

The next morning, Jewel makes tea for Suriya. Surya goes to the kitchen. She says that she was coming to him. He says that he is used to it and he has to change his habit and prepare tea for himself. She helps him look into his eyes and moves closer to him. He panics and asks her to control herself. She says that he is right that he is forgetting a lot these days. He says someone will come inside. Jewel says tell everyone that he forgot to wear his pants. He found himself in a towel under his waist. She slips, and he grabs her. His eyes close again. The song Saath Nibhana Saathiya… plays in the background. Grandfather calls Gehna and asks her to have tea. They both become alert, and Surya walks away silently, leaving Gehna laughing.

Shreya sees Gehna laughing and asks if she has read any joke. Gehana laughs and says that Surya was making tea wearing a towel. Shreya says that she enjoys seeing Gehna laughing. Jewel her happiness is because of Surya and decides to fight against injustice. Shreya says that her son Kartik is everything to her and requests Gehna to bring him back from Suhani’s grip. Gehna assures him that they both will kick Kartik out soon.

Suhani meets her lawyer and orders him to divorce Suriya and Gehna within 7 days and throws a bundle of 2 lakhs in front of him. He asks her to get Surya’s signature on the divorce application form. At home, Jewel assures Dada ad Dadi that she will not lose her divorce case. Dadi asks what if Surya signs the papers. Gehna says if one party does not sign the papers, then the matter will reach the court and she knows how to handle it. She further says that she took oath to donate in the temple today and without Surya it is impossible. Dada assured to send Surya to the temple. Jewel thanks him and says that she will directly meet him in the temple and leave.

Jewel goes to a lawyer’s office and sees a woman crying. She questions whether she is going through any domestic abuse. Lady says that her husband is divorcing her on the orders of her mother. Gehna remembers that Surya was doing the same to her. She tells the woman that divorce cannot happen unless both the parties sign it and she should not tolerate injustice etc. A man calls her a bookworm and goes to Jewel. Gehna is shocked to see her college friend Agastya, who reveals that he has recently joined a lawyer’s firm. He further feels sad about Anant’s demise and congratulates him on finding Surya. Gehna says she needs his help.

Precap: Gehna denies divorce to Suriya and says that he is blind in his mother’s love. Surya warns him not to say anything against his mother as he may sacrifice his life for his mother.