Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Gopi Attends Gehna’s Party

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 11 June 2022 Written Episode on

Suhani inquires if Gehna’s drama is finally finished. Suhani’s drama, not Gehna’s, has just begun, according to Gehna. Suhani teases her, revealing that Urmila is still alive and will be slain if Gehna overthinks things. Gehna expresses gratitude to God for Urmila’s survival and requests Suhani to demonstrate the proof. Suhani requests that she first erase the footage. Gehna deletes the video and expresses gratitude to God for Urmila’s survival. Suhani believes Gehna would remain quiet since she believes Urmila is still alive.

Surya invites someone to his party tonight at his place over the phone the next morning. He has Gehna’s birthday party planned as a surprise. He then comes up to Gehna, who is asleep, and pampers her. Gehna awakens and inquires as to what he is up to. He is apprehensive. She believes he has forgotten her birthday and attempts to remind him. He discusses the upcoming celebration. She is ecstatic because she believes he is giving her a birthday party.

He claims it’s a business gathering. She is saddened by the fact that he began forgetting important dates only a few months after their marriage. He begs her to tell him of any visitors she may have had so that she does not blame him afterwards. She returns to her bed, irritated. He believes he loves her, and Gehna will remember this day. Gehna gets a call from a good friend who wishes her a happy birthday. Gehna expresses his gratitude and extends an invitation to the celebration tonight.

Suhani is in charge of the party planning. Sarika believes Suhani is planning to murder Gehna, and she is preparing Gehna’s celebration. She interrogates her. Suhani claims she has something major planned for the celebration. Sarika teases her, saying that all of her ideas fail, so why is she attempting to embarrass herself again? Suhani tells her to shut up and tells her that there will be a special visitor at the party tonight. Sarika inquires as to who it is. Suhani encourages her to wait until the celebration and assures her that she will have a good time.

Surya and Gehna prepare for the celebration without saying anything to one another. The title theme from Serial is playing in the background. Surya then notices Gehna’s sadness and inquires if she has any medication. She declines. He inquires as to her level of irresponsibility. She says that he only recalls when it’s time for medicine. He claims he recalls her not eating anything heavy and not dancing or exerting herself. Okay, she says. He inquired as to why she seemed annoyed. She makes an attempt to remind him that tonight is her birthday. He hasn’t stopped acting.

They then go down to the celebration site together, hand in hand. Dada and Dadi are overjoyed to see them together. Surya then enters the stage, displaying the Happy Birthday Gehna plank. Gehna is ecstatic to see this. Surya then sends out a signal to the musicians. In the song Roop Hai Tera Sona…, Dada and Gehna dance. A woman exits her automobile and heads towards the party location. The entire Seth family gets in and dances with them. The music comes to an end.

Gopi enters and requests that the DJ re-start the music because the celebration has only just begun. The camera zooms in on her face. Gehna runs joyfully to greet Gopi. Gopi compliments Gehna on her ability to win anyone’s heart with her honesty and kindness. Suhani murmurs, “Another Gehna devotee has joined us.” Gopi continues to extol Gehna and advises Surya that Gehna is valuable and can only be acquired by love, not riches, and that he should avoid losing her. Suhanii interrupts and asks if they may cut the cake now that the praising tale is done.

Gehna and Gopi’s dance is announced by Daadi. In the song, Dholida, Gehna, Gopi, and Surya dance. Suhani believes Gehna is having a good time after their performance, but that her bliss will be shattered shortly. A man exits his automobile and enters the residence.

Sikandar bids Gehna a happy birthday.

Gehna smacks him across the face and declares that some people never change; she also declares that she will not stay in this house if Sikandar does.

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