Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Surya’s Prayers Revives Gehna’s Life

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 10th June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 10 June 2022 Written Episode on

Saath Nibhana Saathiya 2 Written Update

Once again, Gehna loses consciousness after taking Surya’s name. Surya makes an attempt to rouse her and dials 911 for help. When the doctor and the nurse enter the room, they immediately remove Gehna and begin treating him. Father and daughter arrive at the hospital, where Dada inquires about Gehna’s health.

Gehna’s condition has improved, although she is still in a coma, according to the doctor. When Dadi hears it, she falls down. She needs to calm down in order to deal with Surya and Dada, he says. Surya is nowhere to be found at the hospital.

Surya prays to the gods for the well-being of Gehna as he makes his way to the temple barefoot in memory of Gehna. He receives a blessing from the priest. Ehna’s body begins to respond to the medication.

Surya assures Dada that Gehna is no longer in danger and that they may return home with him shortly. Thanks to God, Surya was able to save the life of Gehna. He accepts the blessings of the priest.

Surya waits for Gehna in the hospital after some time. He makes his way into the space. Gehna wakes up and gasps for air, struggling to keep her head above water. As he contemplates leaving to contact the doctor, he becomes frightened. “I’m not going to leave you this lightly.” She clutches his hand as if telling him as much.

After telling her he doesn’t want to see her again, he embraces her. She tells him she’s aware of the fact and adds that she also loves him. Why did she go alone to the factory? He inquires. Because she knows his life is in jeopardy and he is there, she tells him she is going to save him.

Then he starts yelling and tells her that she should have phoned him instead of sending this message. His life, she informs him, was the subject of the letter. He exits the room after telling her to relax. Urmila’s disappearance has her wondering.

Surya receives a hug from Dada. Telling him that no one can separate real lovers is a powerful message from this man. According to Gehna, Suhani said she prayed for his safety.

As per Dadi’s predictions, Gehna’s birthday will be coming up soon. Kaddu considers throwing a birthday party for Gehna. Party planning will be handled by Surya and Sarika, according to Surya’s promise. In Suhani’s opinion, Surya has forgotten about their divorce.

Agastya tells Surya that Gehna’s report is fine. Surya thanked him for everything he’d done for him and said only a friend could do this. Agastya heads out to see Gehna. Suhani hopes that Gehna will not tell Agastya the truth. Gehna informs Agastya that she’s OK, who is surprised.

She inquires as to whether or not someone else is present. The nurse stops them as she prepares to tell him the truth. Suhani’s threat message is shown to Gehna by the nurse, who then leaves. If Suhani is behind this, Agastya asks Gehna. She tells him that she doesn’t know.

Suhani bombs the automobile in which Urmila is there. When she announces it’s time for Gehna’s turn, a laugh can be heard. Later, she welcomes Gehna and Surya into her home, telling them that Gehna should be prepared for the worst second innings at her house.

She is right. While sleeping, Sarika hears Gehna whispering that she intends to kill her. Sarika is threatened with death by Gehna until she tells him who kidnapped her and Urmila. To save her, Sarika explains that Suhani is responsible for all of this.

Gehna captures Urmila’s confession on tape and concludes that Suhani is responsible for their kidnapping. Is Suhani’s drama finished? She asks. Suhani’s drama will begin today, according to Gehna.


On her way to getting ready for the party, Gehna is waiting for Gopi. He joins her in her celebration.

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