Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 1st June 2022 Written Update Episode

Surya Breaks Gehna’s Fast

Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 1st June 2022 Written Update. Star Plus Serial Saath Nibhaana Saathiya 2 1 June 2022 Written Episode on

When Daadi returns from the court, she performs Gehna’s aarti. Gehna claims she has yet to win the lawsuit. After receiving 6 months’ time from the court, Daadi claims she received a lifeline for her relationship with Surya. Shreya does her graha pravesh and requests Surya to help her start a new life. Daadi invites her to eat with him. Gehna claims that she would go to the temple first since she is fasting. Daadi goes away after asking her to refresh up first.

Suhani splashes water on Gehna’s graha pravesh imprints and declares that she would not allow her to win at any costs. Gehna challenges her, saying that she may do her hardest, but she won’t be able to break her resolve. Suhani pushes her, saying she won’t be able to remain here for even six months.

Within six months, Gehna dares her to win Surya permanently. Suhani splashes water over her face and declares that she will do the same with her ambitions. Gehna claims she can’t achieve anything no matter how hard she tries, so she’s going to the temple and is certain Surya will as well.

Gehna pays a visit to the temple and awaits Surya’s arrival. She laments the fact that husbands are breaking their wives’ fasts. Panditji inquires as to why she is alone. Gehna claims she is awaiting the arrival of her spouse. Gehna continues to wait for Pandit till the evening. Everyone has left the temple. Gehna is asked to return home by Panditji. Gehna says she’ll wait till her spouse arrives before acting. Gehna approaches her and gives her some water.

Gehna is overjoyed to meet him. In the background, there is a love tune playing. Suhani, who is hiding with Sarika, is envious of them. She wonders what Surya is up to. Suhani is taunted by Sarika. Surya asks Gehna whether they may return home now that her desire has been granted. Yes, she says with a nod. When he notices her hobbling, he pulls her up and takes her back to her house.

Suhani returns home and enters the living room with Gehna’s baggage. Surya observes Gehna’s baggage out when he arrives home with her. He inquires of Suhani as to the nature of the situation. Suhani claims Gehna would go to an outhouse until their divorce is finalised. Daada inquires as to what she is doing now that the court has given Gehna and Surya six months to rekindle their marriage.

Suhani expresses concern for Gehna and states that she does not want any bad consequences for him. Surya has decided to use the outhouse instead. Gehna claims she doesn’t need it since she trusts her love and herself to go to the outhouse.

Kaddu bua gets into a cab and phones her relatives to see whether they would be able to accept her. Dadaji rushes out the door to greet her. Surya places his hand on her feet and asks for her blessings. He’s become more attractive, she claims. Next, Dada and Dadi get Kaddu’s blessings. Suhani and Sarika are chastised by Kaddu for not caressing her feet, and she compels them to do so.

She then inquires about Surya’s wife. Gehna kisses his feet and asks for her blessing. Kaddu gives Gehna a hug and makes fun of Suhani and Sarika. She then enters the residence and inquires about Sarika’s departure after finding bags in the living room. Suhani becomes agitated.d
Dadi tells Suhani quietly that if Kaddu finds out about the divorce, she will stop it.

Precap: Gehna looks for Urmila and becomes agitated when she sees Suhani holding Urmila’s phone.

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