Rescued Puma Who Can’t Be Released Into Wild Lives As A Spoiled House Cat Instead

This couple adopted a Puma, named Messi 😂❤️

Messi was rescued in 2016 by Aleksandr and Mariya Dmitriev after it was determined by a zoo that he couldn’t live there or in the wild.

Have you ever imagined living with a wonderful pet – puma, who believes it’s a domestic cat?

Messi the puma cat, named after the renowned Argentine player, has been living in Asia, with its parents – Aleksandr and Mariya Dmitriev since last year.

Messi is enjoying the life that we all want for: that of a spoiled pet cat.

Moreover, Messi, “the large exotic cat, is the skillful and recognized pro player,” was sold to a petting zoo at the age of three months.

He was noticeably smaller than usual. He was suffering from health problems.

Not only that, but he couldn’t possibly live in a zoo. He also couldn’t live in a nature refuge.

Staff at the petting zoo were considering euthanizing the wild cat.

That’s when Aleksandr and Mariya arrived to save the sweet cat.

When Messi became renowned on the internet, many people praised the Dmitrievs for their treatment of him.

There were, however, some detractors. They recommended the pair to relocate the puma to a wildlife refuge.

However, Aleksandr and Mariya believe Messi would perish in the wild.

It should also be emphasized that the pair does not urge anybody to domesticate pumas or other large cats.

Except for Messi, who is unusually gentle, peaceful, and sickly.

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