Rajjo 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Arjun Saves Rajjo’s Life

Star Plus Serial Rajjo 25th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Rajjo Written Update

Arjun returns to the village at the beginning of the episode to find it destroyed. He wants Bharat’s phone in return. He uses the camera to zoom in and scan the town. Someone is there, he claims. He uses a bicycle that he borrows from someone to go about. Rajjo is there when he arrives in the village. He yells “Rajjo!” before diving into the ocean. At Rajjo, he swims. She starts to fall. Tujhse juda performs… He grips her. He drags her outside after tying her to his back. Each of them emerges. The family of Arjun is alarmed.

Madhu begs Arjun with tears. When her son arrives, he requests a drink of water. He claims that Arjun is a hero and that he is powerful enough to rescue both himself and others. Yes, she agrees; he rescued you by donating his kidney, but you continue to drink and harm your kidneys. She chastises him. She claims that the kidney donation caused him to have an illness, but you just go out and drink. She sobs. Arjun will undoubtedly arrive, he has your love and blessings, he has everything, so could you just get some water, he says. Put Gangajal in my mouth if any unpleasant news comes, he commands. Arjun struggles to bring Rajjo. The locals come to help her. How bad did the suffering grow, Bharat wonders. I’m alright, replies Arjun, but we need to take this girl to the doctor since her pulse has slowed down. Rajjo is taken to the hospital by him. He begs her to open her eyes as he strokes her hands. He asks the doctor to assist.

The family of Arjun is still waiting. The doctor examines Arjun and treats his wounds as well. Seeing Rajjo is Arjun. He advises me to take medication. What medicine, asks the doctor. Arjun claims that because I donated a kidney and now only have one kidney, I must take medication every day. The doctor warns that you might get infected. He gives Arjun a shot. Arjun and Rajjo phone their mothers after receiving injections. Arjun remains still. Urvashi looks at the latest news. What, my Arjun is in danger, she exclaims. She departs. She greets Madhu as she descends the stairs. She claims that because everyone loves Arjun, nothing bad can happen to him. Rajjo becomes aware. She observes Arjun conversing with the physician.

Where is her mother, she queries Kaka. She commands you to find her. Kaka says I wish, but I’m powerless since your mother drowned in the river. Rajjo sobs as she thinks about her mother. She inquires as to how she could leave me and go since she loves me.

Will she be rescued, she queries. Yes, he replies. He must hold one finger, she requests. I’ll locate mom, she assures me. She requests that he hold the finger once more. She cries and promises that I will locate her mother but that I must look for her. Where are you going? You’re going to get lost, Kaka says. Arjun implores the guy to visit Lucknow and inspect without worrying; he would cover the costs. Rajjo learns about the missing persons at the hospital in Lucknow. You are alive because of you, he rescued you from the seas, he is an angel for the people, seek his aid, and he will locate your mother, according to Kaka. He is a kind guy who will support you. Rajji leaves.

Arjun claims that no material was preserved, the girl damaged our efforts and our company strategy, and she is the reason I met her. When he turns, Rajjo slams into him. He’s got her in his arms. He chastises her. She expresses her regrets. He requests that she adopt his name, Arjun. He reprimands her for destroying his project. He queries why you switched sides, if you’re nuts, and why the dumroo is with you. He claims that because of you, my phone broke and my mother is unable to see me. He advises caution and caution against making any unwise decisions. He leaves. She claims he is unhappy and asks me where to locate my mother. She looks for her mother. The guy claims that your mother is in Lucknow, where the rescue squad has taken the victims they have spared. That enormous city, she wonders. He bows. She is asked to leave.

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