Rajjo 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode

Rajjo Loses Mannu

Star Plus Serial Rajjo 24th August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Rajjo Written Update

Arjun begins the episode by going to fetch some files. Rajjo notices a child. She removes the tablecloth. The files are falling. Arjun becomes enraged. Sarpanch instructs him to let Rajjo go and just accompany him. She goes to the child in order to rescue him. According to the youngster, I was merely tying this dumroo here. Rajjo assists him. She requests that he leap down. The youngster flees. Madhu expresses gratitude to Pushkar. Pushkar claims that I married my daughter in this mansion. Pushkar meets Kalindi and Jhilmil. He cracks a joke. He asks about Arjun’s engagement preparations. Madhu advises you to dance a much tomorrow. Pushkar responds, “It’s my daughter’s Sasural; anything you want will happen.”

The villagers board the bus and depart from the settlement. Rajjo remembers Mannu and dashes to the river. Mannu may be spotted on the way. She insists that I salvage the boat. Kaka claims you are not putting your life at danger. She tells him she’ll be right back. Kaka is praying. Manna sets out to rescue her boat. She walks over a glass bottle. She claims that Rajjo’s present shoes rescued her today. Arjun attempts to help the people.

He dispatches them to the guest house. Rajjo is stopped by the cops as he approaches the river. Rajjo says, “Let me go rescue my mother.” She chooses a different path. She believes I am unable to listen to my mother today since it is about my mother. Arjun is feeling ill and believes I neglected to take my medications; I need to locate them before I get ill. Rajjo arrives to the beach. The glass shard injures her. She collapses and sobs. She searches for Mannu. Mannu is summoned to examine her injuries. Arjun assists the people. Rajjo screams and pleads for Mannu. She speculates that her mother may have returned home. She walks away.

The floods destroy everything at home. Mannu has returned home. She claims I told Rajjo to go home, and she went to the riverbank to locate me. Rajjo dashes out, declaring that either this water or I will win today. Arjun is injured. Rajjo notices the water coming into the village. She bolts. She returns home and runs into Mannu. Mannu adds, “You don’t feel worried, we’ll depart from here, we have to travel up the mountain and dwell at the ashram.” Rajjo sobs, saying, “We lost everything.” Mannu accepts her. Arjun requests his medications. The guy claims that the drugs have run out and that you must contact someone to get them. Arjun claims Rajjo damaged his phone and requests that he return it to him. The guy claims that the battery is dead and that the lights are also turned off.

Madhu receives the news and sobs for Arjun. She says a prayer. Kalindi tells her to relax. Mannu reveals the dumroo and adds, “This is Bholenath’s benediction; keep it with you at all times.” Because of the surging water, they both take a step back. Madhu claims, “I sensed something would happen.” Everyone tries to soothe her. Arjun claims that if someone ventures near the river, they would get trapped. Mannu requests that Rajjo hold Shiv ji’s trishul and not leave it, even if she believes her mother is dying. Rajjo says no, don’t abandon me.

Mannu says I need to go seek assistance. Rajjo claims that no one will come to our aid; has anyone come in all these years? Mannu claims that Shiv ji will appear in any form to rescue you, and that he would not leave this trishul. She cries out for assistance. Rajjo sobs. They are separated by a wood log. Mannu takes her hand and walks away. Rajjo is holding the trishul. The night goes by. Rajjo receives Mannu’s award in the morning. Mannu, she believes, was an athlete who won the gold medal. She sobs when she remembers Mannu’s comments. She wonders why her mother stopped her from fleeing. She cries out for assistance.

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