Rajjo 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Rajjo Wins The Running Race

Star Plus Serial Rajjo 23rd August 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Rajjo Written Update

The episode begins with the emergence of a tidal storm in the river. Arjun informs everyone about the running race that has been prepared to keep everyone entertained. He believes we should start with the females. Should we? Sarpanch claims that just four females arrived, but that if we wait for a while, more would arrive. No, says Arjun. According to the females, Rajjo did not show up, hence Jamuna would win today. Arjun claims that I am timely, that we will begin the race on time, and that no other female would compete. The officer says we need to notify the elders since the water has reached the danger level. Arjun adds, “When I whistle, you all have to run.”

Rajjo approaches him and collides with him. He refers to you. She thinks I should flee. However, the girls claim that she arrived late. Arjun claims you arrived late; check the time. Rajjo claims, “I don’t have a watch to check, it’s important for me to run and win the race, that’s why I came here.” He responds, “My name is Arjun Thakur, and you cannot flee.” You may verify my gender by asking her. He requests that she leave. He says you can’t participate in the race. Give me a chance, she adds, and your children will be OK. He claims I don’t have any children. She cracks a joke. The girl claims Rajjo will persuade her, and our Jamuna will lose. He receives a call from Maa. Sarpanch claims she runs well and wins every year; allow her to run. He girls want to harm Rajjo. You can’t run, according to Arjun. Mannu attends the expo. Arjun blows a whistle. Rajjo shoves Arjun and flees. Kar har maidaan fateh…sings…

Rajjo turns to face Jamuna. The girls mend a snag in the thread. Rajjo notices the thread and accelerates. She takes the lead over Yamuna. Arjun observes. Rajjo wins in the race. Mannu looks concerned and collapses. Madhu sobs. Her spouse reassures her. He requests that she forget about the accident. He claims that, just as we marry girls and send them away, we must similarly grant freedom to boys, or else they will leave. She requests that he not mention this. Her Bahu makes light of Madhu’s obsession. She advises that they marry Arjun. We are not postponing Arjun’s engagement since he says yes. Kalindi claims that her mother never worries about Chirag when he goes out. Madhu is concerned about Arjun. Rajjo dances joyfully. Arjun ignores Madhu’s call. Rajjo informs me that I have won the shoes for my mother. Rajjo is lifted by the females. She walks up to the stage to accept the trophy.

Rajjo receives the shoes. She clutches it and sobs, “Maai.” Arjun is poised to present her with the medal. Mannu exclaims, “Rajjo!” Rajjo becomes concerned and conceals the shoes. Mannu rushes over to her. The women think Rajjo will be beaten up immediately, but she runs so quickly that no one can beat her. Mannu pulls Rajjo along. Rajjo is defeated by her. She claims she warned you not to flee. She sits, sobbing. Rajjo is pleased when she wears the shoes. Mannu tears as he holds her. Rajjo adds, “I know you don’t like my jogging, but I ran today to bring you sneakers.”

Mannu apologises, saying, “I have battered you a lot.” Rajjo says, “I don’t want to know why you stop me from running, but we can’t stop ourselves from life; I want to do something that makes your life better, but I’m not educated; I just know to run; I’ve seen pictures of sports people winning medals; I don’t go out of village to run; I only run in village competitions.” Mannu becomes terrified when he imagines Pushkar. She continues, “You want a home, you want a respectable life, I’m organising everything, I kept 16 fasts so that you get a decent groom, you will receive respect and your husband’s name, your life will have everything genuine, it’s more important than a medal, there is nothing in sports.” She sobs. She claims you will not compete in any races.

She hands him ten rupees and instructs her to purchase anything she wants and eat it. She says, “Go home, I’m going to the river,” and if you don’t listen to her, “I’ll sever ties with you.” She adds, “Keep looking for me, you can’t even see my face.” She walks away. Nothing comes in 10rs, according to Rajjo. Arjun converses with someone dispatched by Pushkar. Pushkar, he continues, is my brother’s Sasur. Pushkar requests that Madhu speak with Arjun. On the phone, Madhu speaks with Arjun. Arjun says he’ll phone you when he gets to the guest home. She just requests that he return home. Okay, he replies, I’ll come. Rajjo consumes a gulab jamun. She hears the notification that the dam gates are about to open. People begin to flee. Rajjo predicts that the whole community will drown. She rescues a little kid. The guy begs Arjun to go, and they must. Rajjo both assists and sends the others away. Arjun also sends the children and the elderly to his automobile. Rajjo saw Arjun loading the children into the vehicle.

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