Rajjo 22nd August 2022 Written Update Episode

Rajjo Meets Arjun

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Rajjo Written Update

The episode begins with Rajjo scurrying about and cleaning up the mess. When she sees her mother rowing the boat, she rushes to sit and pray. Her mother arrives at the beach and calls out to her. Rajjo goes and tugs the boat’s ropes to connect it to the wood pole. She makes fun of and taunts her mother. Her mother laughs.

She adds today is a significant day for our village because there will be a great puja for Mahadev, we will finish the fasts and pray, and there is a party in the village. Rajjo claims that all he wants is to defeat you. Her mother inquires, “Do you want to beat now?” Rajjo inquires as to what you ate. Her mother hands her an apple and tells her, “Have it, it’s from the puja.” Rajjo’s mother instructs her to walk straight while holding the fish basket on her head. Rajjo claims that he remembers everything. Her mother begs her not to flee. Rajjo declares, “I will do anything I want.” She takes the fish basket tied to her waste and flees.

Some females see her and approach her. Manno, according to the woman, is unaware that her daughter is fleeing again. Arjun is seen having a good time in the mountains. He meets up with his pals. He says one must be disciplined; I like it this way since I don’t want intrusion in my life, therefore I get ahead of time. We’ll go boating, according to the man.

Arjun says we’ll go to the local fair first, family comes first, this royal family is my runaway, it’ll take me to Delhi and then to America, only you and Urvashi know it, no one in my family, not even my mother, knows it. He walks away. A storm is on its way. Rajjo converses with the guard. She claims I got the fish on time, but don’t tell mother I came racing. The guard hands her the dumroo, which she sells at the fair. Rajjo says I’m going to decorate it and sell it.

The guard woman responds, “Sell it for 40 rupees, pay me 30 rupees, and you keep 10 rupees.” Rajjo inquires as to how much money I will get. The woman says one hundred rupees. Rajjo says I’ll purchase shoes for his mother. She walks away. The authorities are concerned about the stormy tides that might destroy the community. Rajjo is selling the dumroo. A girl invites her to aarti. Rajjo says I’ll be there shortly.

Rajjo offers a youngster a free dumroo. She makes her way to the temple for the aarti. She notices a woman taking off her shoes. Mannu/aching Manorama’s feet come to mind. She adds her mother often emphasises that no one gets everything, but everyone gets something, and she wants such shoes for her mother. She makes a prayer to Mahadev.

Arjun arrives and speaks with the Sarpanch. He answers his mother’s phone call and speaks with her. He claims everything is good and that he would call later. Sarpanch refers to you as his Annadaata, and his crops are reaping the benefits of your fertilisers. Arjun joins the villagers. He notices the cow excrement. He adds, “I guess we should walk that way since there’s cow manure here.” Come, the guy says, you merely do this task. They males are laughing. Arjun adds, “I’m not going this way; I’m going the long way.”

On Har har Shiva, Rajjo dances with the females… The dumroo flies through her hair and lands on Arjun’s head. Arjun is holding her head. Sarpanch inquires as to who struck him. Rajjo is hiding there. Arjun and the guys chastise the individual who threw the dumroo. Rajjo claims I didn’t punch him on purpose. She sits in a cabinet, preparing to depart. Arjun rushes to investigate the cabinet. Rajjo squeezes his hand. His phone gets knocked over. She opens the cupboard. Arjun and Rajjo both notice each other. Tujhse juda…plays…

He takes her hand in his and asks, “You’re the dumroo girl, what else do you want to break?” He notices his phone is shattered. He inquires as to what you did. She takes off running. He claims you will learn how this crime will cost you. The guy describes the landslide. The other guy wonders what we’ll tell the people if we sound the alarm. Mannu says I’m not going to the fair, only to pick up Rajjo. She says I should go to the river and look at the boat. Arjun communicates with his mother through video conference.

When he explains his phone went down, she becomes concerned. He tells her not to be concerned. She expresses her concern, saying, “Why did you go there, landslides happen there, you could have sent someone.” He claims it is my business, thus I must attend. She says I should be glad you work hard, but I’m worried about you. He says your love has strength, I’m alright, and I’ll be there shortly. She wants him to come quickly because she is scared. The network deteriorates. She requests that he call her back. She sobs.

She converses with her hubby. He urges her not to be concerned about Arjun. She claims that any mother may leave her child for a period of time, but she cannot send her child away from her sight permanently. Rajjo tyres of running. She notices the poster advertising the running competition. She recalls her mother. Mannu said she’ll be having fun at the fair.

She notices her medal and remembers her history. She informs her sports centre manager that it is his child. He claims it is not his kid. He makes fun of her. She adds, “You know I have a gold medal; I don’t need to do anything to advance in my job, right?” He claims you are defaming me because you know I am married and have children. She claims you never told her this before. He chastises her. She claims it is your child. He claims you’ll be out of here soon.

He drags her out and screams, “Watch how I disgrace you.” He shoves her. She sobs and adds, “I came here to obtain a gold medal and was humiliated, your father Pushkar Choudhary caused this, you don’t know anything about my background, and I don’t want Rajjo to race ever again.” Rajjo believes that she can win and prove herself today. She starts running. Mannu adds, “I resolved to fast for 16 days so that you might find your genuine life partner; I want you all that I never had; I want your relationship to be legitimate; and I will never let you run.” Rajjo runs after praying to Mahadev.

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