Rajjo 20th October 2022 Written Update

Rajjo Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Rajjo 20th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Rajjo 20 October 2022

Rajjo said that I had seen the black automobile, but the police claimed that the city is full with them. You won’t know anything, claims Pushkar. She claims that when the Lord punishes the guy, she will know because her mother will shortly become aware and reveal the identity of the individual. Rajjo stumbles while working and falls on Arjun’s lap. Their eyes are locked. Urvashi shows up. She becomes upset. Arjun commands Rajjo to stand. What was Rajjo doing in your room, Urvashi wonders. Her teasing by Rajjo. Arjun claims that it was an accident since I was working when she tripped me up. I can’t say that about this girl, but Urvashi says it’s acceptable and I totally trust you. Arjun requests Rajjo leave. Rajjo claims that I became weary. She snoozes. You won’t be entering my room, he claims. Rajjo simulates snoring. Arjun departs Rajjo declares, “I won’t leave my room,”

Kalindi requests flax seeds from Swara. Gets the box is Swara. She suggests that since Madhu is really upset, you should support her just like Chirag did for Arjun and his family. I can rise, says Kalindi, but Madhu advises I should sit quietly. Even yet, try, Swara advises; she will consider your rights since you are also the bahu of the household. Jhilmil observes. She calls Swara very foolish. SWARA LEAVES Thanks to Swara for the inspiration, Kalindi adds, adding that because she and Urvashi don’t get along, she has to take action. Rajjo and Urvashi disagree.

Rajjo chastises her again. Urvashi strikes her. She asserts, “I’m pursuing Arjun now, I will be after him, I will become his wife, and I will carry out everything as planned. If you go in the way, disaster will follow. I’ll show a sample tonight. Wait for it.” She leaves. Kalindi shows up. She claims that certain women are crafty and possess split personalities; without your help, I would have never learned this. However, even if you are innocent and no one would believe you, Urvashi is Madhu’s favourite. Why are you saying this to me? Rajjo queries. To the point, Kalindi replies, “I don’t like you and Urvashi; I only fear about this family. Together, we can fight against Urvashi and expose her lies.” She extends a hand. Rajjo wonders if she can be trusted.

Urvashi questions your desire to work with me and your animosity for Rajjo. Rajjo can’t have the same privileges as Kalindi, thus I want to kick Rajjo out of the home since, according to Pushkar, we share the same opponent and aim in our battles. He and Urvashi exchange handshakes. Kalindi is in Rajjo’s hand.

There is no such thing as a perfect crime, according to Kalindi. If you irritate Urvashi, she will err, as she did when she hit you today. Rajjo claims that I aggravated her. If you do this, Kalindi warns, she will be apprehended quickly since I heard it. Jhilmil confronts Mukund in person. Mukund claims that while I begged Arjun to accompany me on business, he ignored me. If necessary, she asks him to beg Arjun.

I’ll get a peaceful night’s sleep, according to Arjun. He steps outside after hearing Urvashi shouting. Urvashi stumbles. Rajjo makes fun. I was going to meet you, but I didn’t realise Rajjo would be here, claims Urvashi. Rajjo is asked by Arjun, “Why are you at the door?” According to Rajjo, I was laying here at the door guarding you since nothing bad can pass this Laxman Rekha. I’m going crazy, said Arjun, enough. Urvashi departs. The door is shut by Arjun. Rajjo is a guard.

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