Rajjo 19th October 2022 Written Update

Rajjo Written Episode

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Rajjo 19 October 2022

Rajjo was teased by Madhu. I use clay utensils because the aroma will never be present in silver or gold, according to Rajjo, who claims that there is a difference in perception. Your brain may function slowly, but it is important that it does so that you will be able to discern the truth. She is smart, claims Jhilmil. Rajjo asserts that I will not remain silent since my mother requested me to speak out for what is right; I will always do this and I will reveal Urvashi’s truth for everyone to see.

Urvashi behaves hurtful and claims she always does. Madhu claims that even she didn’t respect me. Arjun rushes to Rajjo to stop him. He declares that he is willing to offer you any sum of money, along with any home, vehicle, and other assets, since he believes that you would rescue him. Yes, why not, she responds. They clash. She is asked to leave immediately. You need my assistance, but I won’t listen to you since you broke up my marriage, she claims, adding that she also came to protect you from Urvashi. Okay, alright, come with me; if you want to be the maid.

He adopts her. She requests that he go. He makes a ringing sound. Meet Rajjo, the new maid, he announces, who will follow our instructions. Rajjo is asked to leave if she so chooses. Madhu rings the bell after giving a lengthy list of assignments. Rajjo is asked to begin. The dishes are washed by Rajjo. She also does the housekeeping. She cleans the ground. Everyone bothers her, even Jhilmil, and smiles. Rajjo completes the task without pausing.

She visits a carwash. In the vehicle, Arjun is seated. When she sprays the water on the automobile, he is startled. She is aware of time. She believes I need to see my mother. She departs. Arjun observes. What is she doing, he asks. Rajjo believes I cannot continually squander money on transportation. To the hospital she dashes. Rajjo, claims Kaka. Is mom okay, she queries. Yes, how are you, he replies. I ascended the hospital steps, she assures me. He claims that you can trick me since your in-laws didn’t send you in a vehicle to visit your mother and that you used to hike mountains without becoming fatigued. She responds, “No, I have to train and run; I didn’t tell anybody about my mother.” She sobs while holding Mannu’s hand. Kaka invites her to go.

Madhu knocks on the door and queries where the new maid went. Jhilmil speculates that she may have fled. Pushkar is speaking with the doctor as Rajjo and Kaka walk by. Kaka claims that he came to see your mother. Rajjo observes. Even Arjun doesn’t know that my mother is here, she says, so how did he find out? He departs. She wonders why Pushkar came to see her mother. Rajjo returns house. She has a reputation for being a problem. Madhu queries where you went. Rajjo claims that I was working. Madhu inquires, “Will your mother be doing the labour here?” Don’t tell her anything, Rajjo begs; instead, tell me; I’ve completed everything on the list; double-check it. Mukund, your shoes are so filthy, remarks Madhu. Yes, according to Jhilmil; give Rajjo your shoes so she may clean them. Rajjo cleans the shoes while sitting.

Kartik and Pratap also donate their shoes. Chirag is asked to give Madhu his shoes. No need, replies Chirag, I’m wearing slippers. He leaves. I need the shoe polish, Pushkar says when she arrives. He chastises Rajjo. He remarks, “I really like this.” Chirag approaches Arjun and inquires as to his whereabouts and if he has seen that Rajjo is being tortured by her relatives. How can she do this with my family, Arjun wonders. Chirag says you weren’t the kind to seek retribution; keep in mind what I said; I can tell you’re hurting; you’re doing wrongly; consider it if you have the time. He leaves.

Why did you go to visit my mother, Rajjo claims that someone had seen your face at the hospital. Pushkar challenges, “How do you know, tell me, you don’t know anything. I’m the trustee of that hospital. I walked into everyone’s room to view the patients. I didn’t know your mother is also there. What happened to her?” I’m the trustee of that hospital. She claims she was struck by a vehicle. He claims that this is the issue with those who cross the street to stroll. I had only seen one item, she adds, so I don’t know.

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