Rajjo 18th October 2022 Written Update

Rajjo Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Rajjo 18th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Rajjo Written Update

Madhu said I don’t mind, you two will start dating up till your buddies come over again. Jokingly, Kartik and Jhilmil. Arjun is asked by Chirag whether he approves of the concept. Madhu wonders what It’s another falsehood, claims Arjun. She responds, “No, let Rajjo worry about stealing money from us. You and Urvashi will soon be husband and wife. I’m bringing Urvashi to get her ready. In order to cover Mannu’s medical expenditures, Rajjo requests a job. I understand, but I just have a delivery job opening, can you do this, being a lady, the guy adds. I can run faster, she claims. He claims that this job requires a lot of labour, that delaying angers people, and that he cannot stand to lose. She responds, “No, I’m a labourer; give me a chance; I will do the task; and I swear I won’t allow your clients voice a complaint.” He replies, “Fine, one chance, show up tomorrow on time.” If I’m late, she threatens my job will be terminated. He gets her thanks.

Arjun meets Harish and Shekhar. They make fun of him and inquire about Bhabhi. Urvashi appears and beams. Rajjo enters from the rear. Arjun, whatever is true is right, says Chirag. Shekhar congratulates Urvashi and presents her with the bouquet. Harish wishes the couple well and adds, “We last saw you when you were Arjun’s GF.” Urvashi grinned and asked them to describe the unique food they would be having. Shekhar claims we were only playing a joke on him. Madhu advises eating breakfast. Pratap affirms.

Harish requests that they get the maid to bring them some tea. Seeing Rajjo is Arjun. Urvashi is asked to sit with Arjun by Madhu, while the maid is on duty. Why isn’t Rajjo listening to us? Harish urges her to fetch some candy as well. Madhu claims that this is her issue. Rajjo is instructed to go grab breakfast by the woman. Rajjo stares at Arjun before leaving.

Swara assists Rajjo. She claims that we always have this dessert prepared. She displays the dessert. Rajjo thanks you. Swara claims she is acting in the house’s best interests. Rajjo claims, “Trust me, you are misinterpreting me.” Swara declares, “I’ve always liked you,” but Mukund counters, “I don’t know people. He’s correct. Forget about it.” She uses a microwave to reheat the delicious dish. Tea is made by her. Rajjo observes and absorbs. She’s explained by Swara. According to Rajjo, they requested the maid fetch the meal. Taking the tray is her.

According to Kartik, you two made me laugh a lot. Rajjo receives the meal. Madhu requests that she serve it. Arjun requests that his pals feed themselves after feeling awful. Not terrible, says Chirag, come on guys, take care of yourselves. Shekhar claims Arjun puts a lot of effort on it. Urvashi is asked by Harish to exact retribution. Yes, she answers. Rajjo believes that his mother was correct when she said that good deeds remain good deeds even when one is angry. Everyone takes a selfie. Kalindi believes I’m encountering a new Urvashi. Pushkar observes Kaka leave the hospital. He enters and yells at her about Rajjo. He replies, “You know, I don’t think about anyone. I don’t have a habit to lose.” He takes off the face mask. Putting it back, he remarks, “Congratulations on slowly dying every day.” He departs. When Kaka notices him, he asks who he is.

We are glad, then why is Rajjo unhappy, claims Madhu, because we told her about her position. I must go for a meeting, according to Arjun. She replies, “Okay, but don’t break my word; I don’t like Rajjo.” She inquires as to Rajjo’s feelings over her idea of ruling when she was a maid. She reprimands Rajjo. Rajjo is aware of the jeers. Rajjo may take the silver spoons, so Madhu asks Jhilmil to examine them. Yes, Jhilmil replies, seeming furious. What more is there for Madhu to do? She calls Rajjo names. You are not misunderstood, according to Rajjo, but you are seeing the wrong as good. Seeing Urvashi, she.

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