Rajjo 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Rajjo Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Rajjo 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Rajjo Written Update

Rajjo remembers Arjun’s statements at the beginning of the episode. She grabs her chunri as she flees. She examines the check. I appreciate your continued support, she adds. The bank communication reaches Arjun. He approaches Urvashi and informs her, “I received a bank message; she cashed the check; I requested her to leave my life; she took the money; this situation will be resolved shortly.” She claims that you didn’t get rid of her so easy because she wasn’t innocent. She sobs. She cries and he begs her not to. She receives the juice glass from him. She has made my family weep, and I accept this loss in order to get rid of Rajjo, so he believes she is correct. As he prays. Rajjo returns house. Arjun notices her and becomes enraged.

Why did you return here, he queries. The bank has messaged me, he claims, and I won’t come to your words since you stole the money. She utters “Maai.” Don’t be sad about Maai, he says; I won’t make the same mistake; I don’t want to hear you; go deceive someone else; and go lost. He claims that if you accuse Urvashi of being a fake, I would believe you since she won’t leave this home and has complete legal claim to it. Rajjo sobs.. You have to remain with me for a few months, you remember, right, I would have created a film, she adds, adding that because I am your wife and this is my Sasural and your brother has informed everyone that we must assume our marriage is real, I won’t back out of this agreement. Urvashi is mocked by her. I’m your wife, Rajjo Singh Thakur, and I’ll do whatever to prevent you from leaving the home, she asserts. Her door is shut. Did you comprehend when Arjun told you that you had to leave? She claims that if you push me, I’ll get everyone together and make a scene. Urvashi observes. They clash.

I don’t need to tell you anything, according to Rajjo. You must respond, he continues. I will consider this marriage genuine until we come up with a solution. You comprehended what Chirag told you; now, please share all you know with me. Rajjo says to go since I need to get to my room. He fixes his gaze on her. She enters the warehouse. She sobs as she sits. She claims that by breaking your heart, I despise myself. Everyone, even Pratap, talks about Rajjo. Mukund is urged by Chirag not to jeer and to attempt to find a solution. Chirag is instructing me to keep inside my bounds, claims Mukund in an argument. Everybody argues. Rajjo observes. You are the cause of this, according to Urvashi. I have to play a game with you, according to Rajjo. She frightens Urvashi. She claims that I won this game.

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