Rajjo 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Rajjo Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Rajjo 14th October 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Rajjo Written Update

Mannu reprimands Pushkar at the beginning of the episode. She claims that because of her fear of you, she prevented her daughter from pursuing her dreams. She was worried that when Rajjo entered the sports school, she might run across a bad guy like you. Will Rajjo get Arjun, he inquires. She confirms, and I hope she finds someone similar to Arjun. He requests that she dream. She claims that she will reveal your wicked deeds to Rajjo, followed by the whole Thakur family, your wife, and your legal children. She claims that although I allowed your assault on me, I will not tolerate it when it is directed at my daughter. Be prepared, Urvashi and you will be made public. There, Rajjo shows up. Upon seeing her, Mannu beams. Mannu gets struck by Pushkar’s automobile and is then left for dead. Rajjo approaches Mannu while staring in amazement. She cries out for aid. We shall go to the hospital, she says. Don’t be afraid, Rajjo, advises Mannu; stand up for what’s right.

She makes an assistance request. The guys show up and assist Rajjo. Arjun welcomes Chirag. Is mom okay, asks Arjun. Chirag replies “no.” He tends to Arjun after seeing his injured hand. Arjun claims Rajjo significantly injured me. Chirag claims that if she had been evil, Rajjo and Vicky would have plotted against you; you don’t see how she could have made you fall in love if she had wanted money. Who knows, Arjun responds; maybe they believed they could rob me alone. She betrayed my confidence and my trust, and she blamed Urvashi. Chirag declares, “I know she messed up. Urvashi’s family is wealthy, and we’ve known them for years.” Rajjo is in error, claims Arjun. Chirag claims that we will decide what to do, but when it comes to this marriage, will she show up to break the relationship or flee with the money?

I would wed Urvashi and make my mother happy, but there is only one thing in my life for Rajjo—hatred, as you can see from how I treat him, according to Arjun—and that is why she didn’t appreciate the money. His hand is taken care of by Chirag. Mannu is admitted to the hospital by Rajjo. A doctor examines Mannu. Maai, you will be OK, says Rajjo. She begs the physician to rescue Rajjo. She goes outside and frets. Talking with her parents is Urvashi. Her mother claims Urvashi is to blame since she failed to manage him. Leave the home, advises Urvashi; this is your only option at this time. Rajjo is urged to use good judgement by the inspector. According to Rajjo, it all occurred in the space of a split second when a large automobile struck Mum. He inquires about a sign or the automobile number. She remembers and responds, “Yeah, I saw some chess symbol on it.” He claims there will be a lot of sticker vehicles, it will be difficult to find the individual, there is no cctv film, so please share whatever memories you have. He leaves.

Jhilmil laments having a headache. Urvashi descends the stairs with her parents. What’s all this about and where are you going? Urvashi’s mother claims that we have been staying here for a while, but we wouldn’t consider ourselves to be shameless after what happened to our daughter. No, Madhu replies. “What should I say?” Urvashi comes to mind. She seemed shocked, claims Pratap. According to Urvashi’s mother, her destiny was predetermined; although her wound is still open, it will eventually heal. She also asks that everyone around her be joyful. Parents of Urvashi claim that nobody is preventing us. Urvashi seems unsteady. Please don’t take her; I won’t let you go, and I can make a request, says Arjun. Urvashi and her parents are stopped by everyone.

Madhu is tasked with caring for Urvashi by Urvashi’s mother. She begs Arjun to look after her and avoid breaking her heart once again. Don’t worry, Arjun adds; I’ll take care of her. Hugging her mother, Urvashi beams. The doctor requests 3.5 lakhs from Rajjo for her mother’s surgery. I don’t have any money, she claims. Vicky has already made a lot of mistakes, so let me help; we need to find treatment for Mannu, Kaka promises. Don’t be late, the doctor advises; I can offer you a 5 to 10,000 concession. When Rajjo notices Mannu, he tells her not to lose. I’ll get paid, she promises, and I’ll do anything for you. She believes I should not call Arjun, so what should I do?

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