Rajjo 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode

Rajjo Written Episode

Star Plus Serial Rajjo 13th October 2022 Written Update Episode on tellyepisode.com

Rajjo Written Update

Pratap asks Arjun at the beginning of the episode to look into how Rajjo disparaged them. Sorry, dad, I brought that problem home. I’ll get rid of her. Rajjo sobs while speaking to Mannu. The more people despise you, according to Mannu. Rajjo claims that I ingested the poison to rescue Arjun, not the world, and that he would listen to me because I won’t leave until I have made Urvashi depart. You’re alone, according to Mannu.

Rajjo claims I am certain I will prevail. Come meet me at the bus stop, says Mannu. Rajjo says I’ll be there. Arjun remembers everything and becomes enraged. Rajjo sobs as he remembers what he said. Played by Hamari Adhuri Kahani Arjun approaches Rajjo and reprimands her. She is given a blank check by him. Loot me, he adds, but don’t tell anybody that you’re my phoney wife; simply disappear—even from my memory. She sobs. He adds, “I’m offering you this as a payment for becoming my wife. Take it, and go.” As he closes the door, She sobs and walks away. She sprints toward Mannu.

This time, Pushkar says to Mannu, “I have come to damage you, and I won’t leave you.” They clash. Everyone, he claims, is now against Rajjo, and not even Arjun can now rescue her. Arjun takes off his sherwani in his chamber. He becomes angry. Plays: Naino ki mat maaniyon re. Rajjo’s dupatta is his. He strikes the punching bag violently. Pushkar claims Vicky was my puppet and that he was arrested, but I will succeed in my next attempt. As per Mannu, I’ll murder you. He beams. She claims that you dropped so far that you wanted to sell my kid. You know how low I would go, he claims, but even if I had known about Vicky’s business, I wouldn’t have stopped him.

She chastises him. She claims that I would aid Rajjo in outing Urvashi. He believes Rajjo won’t get Arjun, but she can have an illegitimate kid from Arjun. You have no strength, why do you want to repeat the past, just walk away, he adds. He is pushed away by Mannu. She claims that if you fall from this great height, you will be severely injured. Arjun weeps and begs the question, “What did I do wrong for you to do this? You cheated me. Now I will doubt everyone who asks for help. I won’t trust any helpless person because they will remind me of you. I will curse you from the bottom of my heart, saying that you also encountered the same cheat. I will never forgive you, Rajjo. He burns a candle by tossing her dupatta over it.

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