RadhaKrishn 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Rishi Bhrigu Questions Srinivas

RadhaKrishn 9th June 2022 Written Update. Star Bharat Serial Radha Krishn 9 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

RadhaKrishn Written Update

Bhargavi is overjoyed when Srinivas blesses her with lotus flowers. After that, he removes the flowers from her hair. When she is shy, she attempts to flee. Her hand is held tight as he inquires as to why she is being so bashful after ordering him to bring her a bouquet of lotus flowers.

According to Vasu’s assessment, Bhrigu’s gift to Bhargavi was incorrect, however Srinivas’ present was right. To Bhargavi, Srinivas is giving lotus flowers. Bhrigu wonders why.

Bhrigu storms up to Bhargavi and shows her a bunch of flower pots, wondering what they are. Bhargavi is easily alarmed. Srinivas claims he brought flowers to Bhargavi.

It is Bhrigu’s belief that he and Bhargavi are inseparable, but also that he raised her with strict discipline and would not allow it if he or she were offended due to their actions. He inquires as to why he gave Bhargavi flowers.

There is a significant reason, but Srinivas is at a loss to describe it. Khyati tells him to take a deep breath and calm down before she begins to talk.

Bhrigu complains that Srinivas is attempting to hide something from him. Srinivas asks him to come back in a day to give him an explanation. If he doesn’t come back tomorrow, Bhrigu says he won’t be able to offer him a solid excuse. Even though he doesn’t like the explanation, Srinivas agrees to bring the remaining flowers the next day. Khyati has his back. Bhrigu is of the same opinion.

Bhargavi gets a bouquet of flowers from Srinivas. Who knows what will happen the next day? Bhargavi wonders about it. Srinivas can’t meet Bhrigu until tomorrow, he tells her. Srinivas promises to respond to Bhrigu since he now possesses Sri’s love power.

Srinivas goes back to Natraj temple and tells him the scenario. Govindraj encourages him to come to terms with the fact that he has feelings for Bhargavi. Srinivas, on the other hand, is of a different opinion.

Will Govindraj remain in love with Bhargavi for all of his life? Just wait and see what happens, Srinivas tells him.

Bhargavi can’t sleep when she’s nervous. Srinivas informs Govindraj that he has tucked a surprise present beneath Bhargavi’s pillow for her enjoyment. Flower petals provide Bhargavi joy.

Bhargavi excitedly awaits Srinivas the next morning. Vidya and others from her social circle pay her a visit. Vidya receives green bangles as a wedding present from her. Vidya weeps as she announces that her wedding has been postponed due to the groom’s family’s insistence on a big reception.

Bhargavi is there to comfort her. Vasu thinks of Srinivas’ dreams as becoming stale, as he observes wilting flowers.

Bhargavi and Govindraj’s wedding is set, according to Srinivas. Govindraj is overjoyed by the news. Padmavati is taken aback when she learns of this.

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