RadhaKrishn 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Srinivas Gifts Lotus To Bhargavi And Padmavati

RadhaKrishn 8th June 2022 Written Update. Star Bharat Serial Radha Krishn 8 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Radha Krishn Written Update

She inquires as to whether Vasu has given Padmavati lotus flowers. Vasu had sent employees to fetch flowers from the lake, according to the maid. There are no flowers in the lake, according to the servants who approach her. That surprises her, and she inquires as to where Vasu is.

According to the servants, Vasu had directed them to offer some flowers to Padmavati and the remainder to Bhargavi once he had met with her in person. They beg her to spare them from punishment.

She chuckles and sends them on their way with a smile. Why does the maid inquire? According to Padmavati, she is overjoyed that Vasu is showing interest in Bhargavi.

The presents that Vasu brings to Bhargavi are all for her benefit. Bhrigu rejects the idea. Padmavati paints a picture of a pond filled with lotus blossoms. As he walks up to her, Srinivas presents her with a lotus as a gift. She erupts into a smile.

He tells her why he gave her the flower. According to Padmavati, she would want to give her a lotus as a present as well. Srinivas cites a project as the reason for his departure. Padmavati is still ecstatic at the sight of the lotus.

He tells Bhrigu he brought him a present as a prince and asks him to take it. He then engages Bhargavi in discussion. Bhargavi, waiting for Srinivas, feels agitated and hopes when he will depart.

She engages him in conversation with a strong smile. Vasu claims to have a present for her that is particularly meaningful to him. Srinivas arrived with flowers for Bhargavi and rang the doorbell. He believes his staff have sent flowers, so Vasu unlocks the door.

However, when Srinivas walks through the door, Vasu becomes enraged. Bhargavi is asked to come out by Srinivas since he has a surprise for her. A lotus flower bouquet brings Bhargavi joy.

Vasu says the flowers are his present because he requested them to be delivered by his staff. He urges Govindraj to speak, saying that Srinivas helped him choose each blossom. Confidently, Govindraj accepts. Bhrigu enters the room and inquires as to who delivered Bhargavi’s flowers. In Vasu’s words, Srinivas had flowers delivered.

Srinivas sends flowers to Bhargavi, and Bhrigu queries why he did it. When Srinivas asks him why, he gives him a day to respond. A good reason must be given by tomorrow, otherwise Bhrigu says he should return to his home.

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