RadhaKrishn 3rd October 2022 Written Update Episode

RadhaKrishn Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial RadhaKrishn 3rd October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Krishn Written Update

Guru Shukracharya advises Indradev to urge Narayan to apologise to him while bending his head if he wants Indralok back. Angered, Indradev threatens Narayan that he won’t accept his apology. Swarna Bhanu, a favourite asur of Shukracharya, approaches Indradev and offers a proposition. He is stopped by Shukracharya, who suggests that maybe Narayan sent gods to hatch a plot. In exchange for Amrit Kalash, Asurs will give the gods back Devlok and all of its riches, according to Swarna Bhanu. Indradev turns down. Swarna Bhanu requests that they go back to Vishnu so that he may give them a strategy since he must be becoming impatient without Laxmi.

Swarna Bhanu’s longing for immortality, according to Krishna, is the reason he and Radha have yet to be united. Balram questions Swarna Bhanu’s motivation for seeking immortality. According to Krishna, you must give to live eternally. Shukracharya is upset with Swarna Bhanu for going against him and approaching the devtas with a bargain without first consulting him. According to Swarna Bhanu, if they become eternal, they can do everything and eliminate gods; even Shukrachya would have no trouble achieving his objective if he were immortal. His plan is liked by Shukracharya.

If Swarna Bhanu asurs restore Devlok to the Devtas, Narayan consents to grant Swarna Bhanu immortality. Hearing that makes the gods anxious. Narad queries how this will take place. If they wish to get Amrith out of the water, Samudra Manthan must be performed, Narayan tells a group of asurs and devtas. How will they do the samudra manthan? asks Shukracharya. By utilising Mahadev’s Vasuki serpent to turn the mandar mountain into the ocean, according to Narayan. Devtas concur. When Narayan asks Mahadev to give him Vasuki, he sends Indradev and other devtas, but Mahadev says Narayan may have Seshnag instead.

Asurs arrive at Narayan and get furious upon finding him dozing off. Narayan greets them and opens his eyes. Devtas come back and say Mahadev wouldn’t lend Vasuki. Then, according to Krishna, he would lend his seshnag. Seshnag concurs. Since Mahadev is not yet ready, Narayan says he would quit his position and lend Seshnag in order to acquire Mahadev’s esteem when he re-wears Vasuki around his neck.

When Vasuki asks for help, Mahadev enters and offers to give him money with the condition that gods should get the opportunity to receive the first thing they receive from Samudra Manthan since he can’t stand having his aradhya leave his seat. Gods argue that they ought to get a chance first. Samudra Manthan was his concept, thus according to Narayan, he should get a chance first. Mahadev asserts that because he is lending Vasuki, he should be given a chance first.

Rahu Ketu is informed by Shukracharya that Krishna became envious of Radha after the Samudra Manthan. Rahu Ketu explains how Mahadev persuaded him to choose the second option whenever he sees something he loves rather than the first. Asurs accept the stipulations set out by Mahadev and Narayan.

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