RadhaKrishn 20th October 2022 Written Update

RadhaKrishn Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial RadhaKrishn 15th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

RadhaKrishn 19 October 2022

Shankachur is reminded by Radha that Krishna has appointed her the ruler of all the Gopis, and she assures him that the Gopis will heed her advice. Gopis wonders how Radha could so simply give up. The Gopis are asked by Shankachur whether Radha is their queen and if they would accept her ruling. Gopis affirm that they will heed Radha’s counsel and concur. Radha is urged by Balram to consider her options carefully before acting. That is the only way, according to Radha, to get Gopis back. If Radha would really agree that she loves Shankachur and that he is the most attractive guy in all three realms, Devi Parvati queries Mahadev. Mahadev advises waiting and observing.

After giving it some consideration, Radha claims to have made a choice and is now looking forward to Shankachur’s arrival. Radha is asked whether she loves Krishna as Krishna enters the room. In silence, Radha gazes into his eyes. When someone looks into Krishna’s eyes, Devi Parvati claims it is impossible for them to deny their love for him. Let’s watch, advises Mahadev, to see whether Radha would wait for Shankachur or get enamoured with Krishna. Radha says she would go someplace else and wait for Krishna since she feels she can’t get lost in his gaze. They can’t leave her alone, according to Rukmini. Radha motions for them to leave her alone before leaving.

As he prepares to meet Radha, Shankachur believes he will offer her a wonderful present and make her feel like a queen. He believes that if Radha accepts his present and really falls in love with him, he would then ask her to marry him. When Rishi Shankracharya appears, he cautions him to exercise caution since Radha, who is naive, would do everything to rescue the Gopis, but Krishna is exceedingly clever and won’t let that to happen. What should he do? asks Shankachur. Shankachur should make sure Krishna is not there when he sees Radha since, according to Shankracharya, Krishna has the power to mesmerise Radha with his gaze. Shankachur promises to exercise caution.

Balram approaches Krishna and demands to know why he values his sleep more than Radha’s and why he is allowing Radha to put her life in danger by going to Shankachur. Krishna says he is powerless to speak at this moment and advises waiting to see what Radha does. Radha sits on Krishna’s swing as she waits for Shankachur. She notices Krishna swinging on it and thinks back to the special time they had together there. She queries why he is not going back to Dwarka and asks him what he is doing here. Krishna queries if she doesn’t want to tell him about her experience since he has become a stranger. Then she lays her head on Krishna’s shoulder and urges him not to think so. She claims that he shouldn’t prevent her from telling him anything since she wants to. Let’s take a little break first, suggests Krishna. In agreement, she puts her head back on his shoulder.

When Shankachur arrives there, he is incensed to witness that. How could she be with Krishna when she invited him, he wonders. They are able to talk in Krishna’s presence, according to Radha. A present is given to her by Shankachur. Radha fears that he won’t spare Gopis if she rejects his gift. She takes his gift and inquires about the Gopis since Krishna was unable to find them. If she and Gopis agree that they adore him and not Krishna, Shankachur promises to reveal the whereabouts of the Gopis.

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