RadhaKrishn 18th October 2022 Written Update

RadhaKrishn Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial RadhaKrishn 15th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Krishn Written Update

Shukracharya informs Shankachur that Krishna cannot prevent him from using the diamond in his crown, changing into any shape, and kidnapping anybody he wants. Balram, according to Krishna, will punish Shankachur, not him. Shankachur promises to abduct one of Krishna’s closest friends so he may demonstrate his abilities. When she thinks back to Shankachur’s threat to abduct all the Gopis, Vaishnavi becomes anxious. Balram observes her and inquires as to why. She talks about her trauma. She is urged to relax and not worry since Balram would keep watch outside her room. To keep watch outside Radha’s chamber, he instructs Saambh.

Laxmana, Radha, Revati, and Rukmini desire to resolve Shankachur’s issue quickly so that Krishna may punish him. When Shankachur arrives in Dwarka, his crown begins to shine brightly. Balram travels to verify what he believes is indeed Shankachur’s sorcery. Vaishnavi gets abducted by Shankachur. Vaishnavi’s request causes Radha, her group, and Balram to rush to the balcony. They see Shankachur taking Vaishani hostage. Shankachur is warned by Balram not to murder Vaishani unless she is spared. He is challenged by Shankachur, who then vanishes.

The gopis in Shankachur’s cave believe that after accepting Krishna’s sentence, Shankachur sought medical attention. Vaishnavi appears with Shankachur. The Gopis greet Vaishnavi. If they are not terrified of Shankachur, Vaishnavi queries. Gopis argue against it because Krishna is defending them. As Shankachur approaches Gopis, a strong headache returns. Gopis mock him, telling him he can’t touch them since Krishna is guarding them.

Balram is sorry for not protecting Vaishnavi. Don’t put the responsibility on yourself, Radha begs. Krishna strolls over to them. Balram tells that even Vaishnavi was abducted by Shankachur. Krishna displays astonishment. He is tasked by Radha to punish Shankachur and return Gopis. Krishna enters his room after claiming to be tired. Observing his actions, Radha becomes enraged. She claims that Shankachur would spare the Gopis if they agreed that he was more attractive than Krishna and declared their love for him.

Gopis wouldn’t do anything, according to Revati and Rukmini, since they adore Krishna so much. According to Radha, she would go and inform Shankachur of this, at which point the Gopis will follow her and Shankachur will spare them. She declares out loud that Shankachur is more attractive than Krishna and that she is his favourite female friend. Hearing that makes Shankachur feel pleased.

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