RadhaKrishn 17th October 2022 Written Update

RadhaKrishn Written Episode

Star Bharat Serial RadhaKrishn 15th October 2022 Written Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Krishn Written Update

Today RadhaKrishn Episode Starts With Krishna and Balram are informed by Radha that Shankhachur has abducted the Gopis. As a result of his rage, Balram plans to murder Shankhachur. He is stopped by Rukmini, who requests Krishna’s assistance. Krishna claims he is unable to save the Gopis because he promised Radha that he would go someplace with her. As Radha fulfils her pledge, Krishna is released from his obligation to rescue the Gopis first. Krishna questions if this is her choice. She replies “yes” and telepathically informs Devi Parvati that she is unable to convey Krishna to Golok at this time. Devi Parvati affirms that everything is well and believes that there must be a motive.

Balram questions Krishna about if his commitment to Radha prevented him from punishing Shankhachur. When Shankchurn insulted Revati, kidnapped the Gopis, and disregarded Radha, they would punish him, according to Krishna, who claims that he earlier advised Radha that it wasn’t the proper time to go to Golok but was unable to speak to her directly. Shankhachur insists that they wed and destroy the life of the Gopis. He is urged not to do it by Gopis. Krishna is instructed to chastise Shankhachur by Balram. As there is still time, according to Krishna, he will wait till the appropriate moment comes.

Devi Parvati returns to Mahadev and expresses her confusion about Krishna’s motivations, claiming that he is unwilling to punish Shankhachur and return to Golok with Radha. Krishna informs Mahadev that Shankhachur cannot be destroyed since the kettle of sin is not yet full. He remembers how he had previously decapitated Shankhachur. Although Devi Parvati seems to be able to comprehend it, she questions why Krishna is not saving the Gopis from Shankhachur.

Shankhachur is beseeched to spare the Gopis. Shankhachur belittles the Gopis and claims that he would dispel their misconception since they are blinded by Krishna’s devotion. He pulls a Gopi behind him. Gopi begs Krishna for assistance. After becoming enraged, Krishna punishes Shankhachur. With a headache, Shankhachur screams. The Gopis, who are aware of Krishna’s assistance to them, caution Shankhachur to cease considering their marriage or else Krishna would punish him more severely. They are imprisoned by Shankhachur.

Vaishnavi is consoled by Radha. According to Balram and Saambh, Krishna will undoubtedly rescue Gopis. Shukracharya is shown Shankhachur’s crown, and he inquires as to if there is any issue with it since he had a terrible headache. Shukracharya claims that the crown is fine and that Krishna mysteriously chastised him for touching his Gopis. How would Shankhachur accomplish his goal of marrying every Gopi, he wonders. Shukracharya advises him to capture Krishna’s closest friend since the diamond in his crown is still potent. Shakhachur concurs. Hearing that makes Krishna grin.

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