RadhaKrishn 15th October 2022 Written Update Episode

RadhaKrishn Written Episode

Written Episode of Star Bharat Serial RadhaKrishn 15th October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Krishn Written Update

Before they go to Golok, Krishna informs Radha that he needs some time. Radha concurs. Mahadev is invited to join Devi Gauri as she decorates the golok to welcome Radha Krishna. Mahadev advises her to take her time since Radha may not want to go to Golok. Why would Radha do that, Devi Gauri wonders as he thinks so hard?

When Shukracharya learns that Radha Krishna intends to go back to Golok with the Gopis, he becomes enraged and considers how he may stop them. As he enters, Shankchur declares that even he is Krishna’s adversary and that he may aid in killing Krishna. Shukracharya claims to be aware of his identity and the circumstances surrounding his humiliation in Dwarka. Then, Shankchur advises, he should accept his assistance in killing Krishna. Shukracharya concurs and suggests that he try Yaksh right away, believing that asurs are unable to handle Krishna.

Golok receives a visit from Devi Gauri in preparation for Radha and Krishna. She is overcome with joy as she senses Radha Krishna’s affection. So she asks Apsaras for assistance. When the apsaras approach her, they inform her that they know why she summoned them and assure her that Golok will be cleaned and decorated shortly. Balram sets off to find Krishna. Krishna retreats behind drapes. Balram is approached by Radha who inquires whether he seen Krishna. He rejects. If Krishna wants to go to Golok or not, Radha presumably wants to know. Krishna emerges from concealment as soon as she departs. Why was he hiding from Radha, Balram queries. There is a cause, according to Krishna.

When the Gopis arrive in Golok, they believe Radha Krishna wants to surprise them. When Shankchur appears, he challenges them to admit that he is more attractive than Krishna. They make fun of him. He kidnaps them and forces them to admit he is the most attractive person. When Radha sees Rukmini, she gives her a heartfelt embrace. A Gopi approaches Radha while sobbing and reports that Shankchur has abducted the Gopis. Balram is enraged upon hearing that. While he and Radha are travelling to Golok, Krishna says Balram may go and murder Shankchur. When Balram returns after murdering Shankchur, he wants him to swear that he and Radha won’t go to Golok. Krishna concurs. When Radha comes in, she tells him that Shankchur abducted Gopis. Gopis is taken to Yakshlok by Shankchur, who promises to keep them there until they acknowledge his superiority and supreme good looks.

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