RadhaKrishn 15th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Srinivas becomes anxious

RadhaKrishn 15th June 2022 Written Update. Star Bharat Serial Radha Krishn 15 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

RadhaKrishn Written Update

Radha Krishn

Padmavati visits Bhrigu’s residence. Srinivas looks surprised and inquires as to why she is present. Padmavati said that she came to assist with wedding preparations and attend yagna. Srinivas believes he wanted Padmavati and Bhargavi to stay away, but she arrived. Vasu overhears their chat and informs Bala that they may have arrived to attend havan; he will go there to determine what will occur next.

He walks to their location. Srinivas says she is pleased to witness two members of the royal family. Vasu displays amazement by their presence. Vasu whispers that the Padmavati was insufficient for him to come. Padmavati inquires if he has spoken. He suggests they enter before it’s too late.

Srinivas enters the room before Padmavati and Bhirgu. Brighu greets them. Karthik attempts to represent them. Padmavati requests that he not leave the havan and instructs the servants to put aside the presents. Karthik is pleased to see the presents. Bhargavi motions for Srinivas to sit close to her. Padmavati requests that Vasu sit near his future bride, leaving Bhargavi depressed. Padmavati sits alongside Srinivas. Bhrigu explains to the wedding couple the significance of havan.

Bhargavi wishes she had sat next to Sriinivas. Srinivas stops time he tells Bhargavi that he knows he wanted to sit next to him and that he wants to grant all of her wishes. He recalls Dhama’s curse and Bhrigu’s request, so he understands the sorrow of separation.

He asserts that he had previously lost her, but not now, and that they must together tell the world about love. He then approaches Vasu and states that they must convey to Vasu that love is incomparable to rage, envy, and betrayal. Then, he explains to Bhrigu that love cannot be contained. He declares that Bhargavi is love and tousles her hair. He then reclines his chair and defrosts time.

After havan, Padmavati presents the bride and groom with gifts. Karthik praises her for her help. Vasu touches the feet of Bhrigu. By attending the havan, Bhrigu and Padmavati earned more respect, according to Bhrigu. Karhik informs his companion that had the prince and princess not maintained their dignity, their arrangement would not have been acceptable. Padmavati walks towards Bhargavi. Srinivas becomes anxious. Vidya praises Padmavati for participating in the ceremony. Padmavati states that since she is Bhargavi’s friend, she is her friend as well. Vidya appreciates Bhargavi’s invitation to Padmavati.

Bhrigu provides Bhargavi panchamrith and instructs her to distribute it to the visitors. Bhargavi considers it insufficient and produces further panchamrith. She believes that because Padmavati is now her friend, she must discuss her connection with Srinivas with her. She approaches Padmavati and pulls her away for a conversation.

After arranging the havan, Bhrigu informs Khyati how Srinivas passed his exam. Khyati inquires how they would marry off their daughter to a guy who does not even possess his own home. Bhrigu states that he would test Srinivas’s independence. Govindraj is informed by Srinivas that Bhrigu would not transfer his daughter to the current location.

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