RadhaKrishn 10th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Srinivas’ Explanation Convinces Rishi Bhrigu

RadhaKrishn 10th June 2022 Written Update. Star Bharat Serial Radha Krishn 10 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

RadhaKrishn Written Update

Bhargavi comforts Vidya when Vidya’s wedding is cancelled by recounting Srinivas’s tale to her. This only occurs in stories, according to Vidya. Intrudes Khyati, who reveals to the group that Vasu is on his way to see Bhargavi.

Vasu approaches Bhargavi and inquires as to why she is receiving presents from Srinivsa while betrothed to him. In response to Bhrigu’s claim that he, too, is curious as to why, the latter wonders aloud where Srinivas is supposed to be.

When Srinivas enters the room, he claims he’s here to explain things. Vidya’s father begs Bhrigu to allow him to marry Vidya in his mansion because the groom’s family is well-to-do and wants a grand wedding.

Vasu asks for financial assistance as well. Vasu reluctantly accepts the proposal. His permission for the wedding comes from the fact that he says Vidya is Bhargavi’s best friend and he considers her to be one of his own. The father offers his gratitude and departs to finalise plans for the wedding.

Bhargavi receives a bouquet of flowers, and Vasu inquires of Shrinivas as to why this was done. Srinivas claims Vidya’s wedding is a cause and explains a fabricated scenario to back up his claim.

While Vasu is still doubting Bhrigu, he eventually comes around. Due to budgetary restrictions, he stops Vasu and asks him if the wedding can go forward. He tells Bhargavi his narrative. Bhargavi inquires about it. According to Srinivas, their love has connected, and he can tell what’s going through her head.

Govindraj wonders aloud to himself what Srinivas may have said to Rishi Bhrigu as he washes his clothes by the river. After a little acting, Srinivas announces that the wedding is set. Srinivas and Bhargavi’s wedding is set, so Govindraj gives money to the children. Srinivas says that Vidya and Sanjay will be getting married in the near future. Hearing that, Govindraj is dissatisfied.

Vidya receives green bangles from Bhargavi. A good deed by Devi Lakshmi/Bhargavi is lauded by Devi Gauri and Mahadev. Vidya expresses her gratitude to Bhargavi for her assistance. She creates a wedding guest list. A close friend advises adding Padmavati to the guest list. He claims Padmavati will not attend the wedding of a poor Brahmin girl because of her status as a princess.

Indicate your desire to be with Vidya. Padmavati’s name is written down by Bhargavi. Padmavati, on the other hand, awaits the arrival of Srinivas. Informing her that Srinivas is engaged in wedding planning, Govindraj

An earlier version of this story said that Padmavati sent her advisers to find out whose wedding Srinivas was arranging. Shopkeepers are questioned by aides about Srinivas and Bhargavi’s upcoming nuptials. Incredibly, Padmavati reacts with disbelief.

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