Radha Mohan 9th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Radha Tries To Remove The Photo Of Tulsi From Mohan’s Room

Radha Mohan 9th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 9 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

Tulsi is enthused. In the beginning, Damini saw a way to befriend Gungun through Radha, but now she sees a way to defeat her. He turns while Radha is staring at him. He questions why she always stares as either she stares or cries. He asks her to come as he is going to show her the room.

Radha is not able to move when he takes her hand, pulling her away from the family. Damini gets really restless seeing them both walking up the stairs.

During her ascent, Radha asks Mohan how she can live alone in the room. Mohan explains that everyone else lives in this house, and Radha responds that she has never lived alone in her life.

Mohan exclaims that there would be no privacy, but Radha responds that she enjoys the fact that the entire family is in the same room and can understand if anyone gets sick. Radha runs to the room after hearing her name called, and Mohan joins her.

The guest room is empty when Radha walks in. Gungun assumes she has come to get the keys, but Radha explains that she has never lived alone before and wants to know if she can live with her. Gungun refuses to let Radha stay, even after Radha explains that she would not do anything wrong.

However, when Radha persists, Gungun says that if she lets Radha stay, she will be a better person because of Radha.

When Damini’s mother tells her that she thinks Radha has made Mohan follow her while she tries to tie her dupatta knots, Damini wonders on whose side she is. When her mother explains that she warned her not to let Radha make the ladoo because she now has to stay in this house,

Damini wonders what she could have done because she can’t throw her out of the house. At the very least, Damini’s thinking when her mother tells her that

At this point, Radha, along with everyone else, is looking at the invitation cards when Mohan comes down and asks her what she’s doing here. She tells him that they’re all really nice and he has to choose one of them for his wedding, but he doesn’t believe her when she tells him she had to write it ten times.

In the end, Tulsi brought a leaf mentioning they were going to write the invitation to all the guests because it would be really unique, which Mohan tried to convince her of by saying it would take a lot of time, but she said he could have them printed in his next marriage, to which he said he was only going to have the cards printed in his next marriage.

Exhausted, Mohan throws the card at the wall, wondering what all the fuss is about. Kadambari stands up and asks, “What is this conduct when he asks what is the need for such extravagant spending, as they may even be married amongst their family members since it is not his first marriage?” While Mohan refers to Damini as “Tulsi,” Damini says that she is getting married for the first time.

When asked how he came to use her name, Mohan claims he hates and forgets her. They have a tense exchange, after which Mohan storms off in a huff. He apologises profusely to Damini and mentions that they could be married that night without all of this.

Damini’s mother scolds him for calling Tulsi by her daughter’s name, despite the fact that he refuses to allow them to do so. At a time when Kadambari is trying to calm her mother down, Damini storms out of the house.

There’s nothing to worry about because her soon-to-be husband is still remembering his deceased wife, Damini tells Radha. Radha tells Mohan that she understands how he is feeling because he is married again, but he is still thinking about Tulsi. Damini reassures Damini that Mohan loves her, but he can’t forget Tulsi, and Damini resolves to restrain her rage before hitting her in the head.

The photo of Tulsi hanging in Mohan Jee’s room bothers Damini, and she asks Radha if she can take it down for her. Radha says she can’t because the photo contains memories of Mohan Jee’s time spent with Tulsi, and she doesn’t want him to lose them. Damini stands and says she understands how he feels, but she believes it’s all because of the photo.

When Radha asks Damini if she wants him to be the same as he is now or the old Mohan that she remembers, Damini responds that new happiness would come with the removal of the old. When Radha leaves the room with Mohan, Damini believes that Radha now understands how well she knows Mohan because of Radha’s emotional outburst.

After a brief pause for Tulsi, Radha enters the room and greets him. Tulsi asks how she got the time to talk to him. Radha explains that she has never met her but is like Mohan’s Bhagt, and he came into her life at a time when she was in despair and he helped her recover.

Now she has to make sure he becomes happy, which can never happen until the photo of Tulsi Jee is in his room, as this makes him remember all the things he used to love about her.

Astonished, Tulsi asks Radha not to try and erase the photo, but she apologises because she needs to do it for Mohan jee. Tulsi yells at Damini that she is only exploiting her. She must not modify the photo, as there is a secret buried in it, and Tulsi can’t let her allow her to remove it. Tulsi becomes enraged as Radha begins reaching for the photo.

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