Radha Mohan 8th June 2022 Written Update Episode

Mohan Ruins The Entire Plan Of Damini

Radha Mohan 8th June 2022 Written Update. Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 8 June 2022 Written Episode on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

Gungun wonders what he’ll do if she doesn’t agree to marry him; Mohan says he’ll only get married if she does. Kadambari’s mother said to Kadambari that her words have no meaning in this house, so what will happen if Mohan breaks the wedding again?

Mohan mentions that even then he would have to get married because Damini waited for this all her life but now it is time for him to do the right thing just as she did yesterday, but he is trapped in his trust. Gungun points out that if he had decided to marry her, why did he have to come and give birth to her?

Despite Mohan’s pleas for her to pay attention, she takes his hand and leads him out of the room. Mohan smiles to himself, content that she held his hand once again. Even though Damini stays, Gungun, who is there in the room, expresses her gratitude to Radha for leaving the house. Because of an excuse, Tulsi feels she wishes Radha stayed in this house.

Because Damini requested her so gently and even cared for her parents, Radha had no choice but to go. She would have danced a lot and even made the laddo if she had stayed. Radha feels she can still do it before she leaves.

There is nothing to be amazed about because she is his daughter. Mohan believes she will eventually accept the reality, but he needs to do something first.

Damini’s mother suggests that she buy the ladoo from a local shop, but Damini stops her by mentioning Radha, who is making the ladoo for Mohan jee and Damini because these sweets are considered auspicious in their village, and even Gungun is a little angry with her, so she thinks this will bring an end to the hatred in her heart.

After asking why she didn’t send Radha away, Damini’s mother assumes that Radha has a new plot in mind. Damini, however, assures her mother that nothing will happen if she makes some laddo because no one should suspect that she left because of them.

To make matters worse, Mohan drops the pot on Radha’s feet as she asks if he’s okay. When he responds that she’s a shop of misfortunes while looking in the fridge, Radha becomes alarmed and runs to his rescue. Radi says it’s not a lovely name like Rasoi, and Mohan agrees that it appears nice, but Mohan assures her that there is nothing wrong with him after a time.

She inquires about his visit to the Rasoi, and he wonders why she’s speaking in Hindi. Radha asks him again what he’s searching for, and he responds that he’s looking for mushrooms so he can toss them out of the house. Radha responds that she’s already given them to Dumbro so he can take them home, and he continues. When Mohan is about to depart, he stops and wonders why Radha didn’t show up for study yesterday.

Radha recounts how Damini had told her that she was too young to be studying English. When Radha told him she was in Rasoi making laddo, he said that this was all he knew how to do and that if she didn’t study, her mind would turn into his.

When Mohan remarks that Radha is making excuses like Gungun used to when she was younger, Radha responds that she is not making any excuses when he asks her to go and bring the books. When he mentions that Radha needs to study English, Mohan pronounces it incorrectly, so Radha corrects him when he takes her to the room.

When Mohan inquires about where the books are, Radha says that they are in the closet, to which he is surprised and asks if this is Dulari’s room. He then grabs her luggage and instructs her to bring Bihari Jee with her.

Damini and her mother are discussing whether or not Mohan will return Radha’s belongings, and Damini says she doesn’t mind if he does. When Kadambari arrives, she wonders what the problem is when Mohan explains that he feels they made a mistake because they are selfish and don’t even know she is living with Dulari.

Radha then reveals that she asked Radha about Mohan returning Radha to her mother. After hearing this, Damini’s mother yells that her daughter has to do something, but Mohan insists that they may all come to be with them and Damini is not going anywhere.

Despite her gratitude for his consideration, Radha informs Mohan that she is unable to dwell in the large room due to her societal status. After Dulari tells Mohan that she will no longer be staying with him, he explains that he will now show her the guest room where they will begin the lesson, and he emphasises that he does not care about their social standing.

She means the most to him because she protected Gungun and even saved his life. As a result, Radha informed her parents that she would not be able to continue her education. Radha admits that Damini has her books, and Mohan wonders whether there’s something wrong with her eyes.

In a frenzy, Kadambari and Mohan confront Damini about why she keeps her books. Because Gungun’s books belonged to her and she knows how he likes to retain anything that belongs to her, Damini saved them for Radha.

Damini is sent to fetch them all by Mohan because Radha is the one in dire need of them at the moment. Upon returning, Damini reminds Radha that she is now a part of the family and must therefore read this literature.

When Radha tries to take the bag from Mohan, he tells her to only look after Bihari jee and the books she has in her hands, and Dulari offers to take it, but he stops them all, saying that it isn’t something to be concerned about.

As Tulsi, the ghost on the balcony, observes, things change with time. Damini saw in Radha a chance to get to know Gungun, but Tulsi has now found a way to fight Damini and end their friendship.

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