Radha Mohan 3rd October 2022 Written Update Episode

Radha Mohan Written Episode

Written Episode of Zee Tv Serial Radha Mohan 3rd October 2022 Update on tellyepisode.com

Radha Mohan Written Update

Damini asserts that while she came to defend this family, her job is now complete since she has discovered Hriday’s lover, to which Radha responds that she did not return for Mohan. Radha is taken aback. Damini turns around and begs Radha to end their lives. How did she know that she and Mohan jee were looking for Hriday’s partner? Radha wonders.

Damini tries to clarify herself, but Radha doesn’t want to hear it, saying that only she and Mohan Jee knew about it. She vows to tell Mohan the truth, so she walks down the stairs and picks up the phone to call him. Damini is shocked when Radha says that their desire to search has ended because she has found the enemy of the house. Mohan also agrees, saying that they have discovered the enemy of the house and calls everyone, including Kadambari, Ke, and Rad

Since Mohan is now certain that Damini is the perpetrator, Radha wonders how Damini could possibly lie this time. This worries Kadambari. Tulsi is happy Mohan learned the truth about Damini as well. In contrast to what Kadambari believed, someone from this home told Hriday about everything, including their relationships and both their strengths and weaknesses. Mohan explains this to Kadambari. Laughing, Tulsi. When Kadambari asks Mohan how he knows about it, Radha responds that if she remembers correctly, she went back to the mandir to return the Murti of Radharani.

When she arrived, the Pujari there believed she was the culprit, and that is when she discovered that Hriday jee had planned everything before coming to the house. When Kadambari asks him who that person is, Mohan mentions that they all live in the same house as the person who tried to destroy their family and even put Radha and Gungun’s lives in danger. Damini becomes extremely concerned about this, and Tulsi responds that she knew Damini could be the only one responsible because she is the biggest enemy of this house. Radha is relieved as Mohan goes by her, which calms Damini down.

Damini is much concerned when Mohan gently approaches her, and Radha is likewise calmed. Radha worries where Mohan is going, so when Rahul is brought in disguise as Kaveri Masi, she is astounded. Rahul is identified by Mohan as the enemy of this home. Everyone is stunned to hear this, and even Kadambari is unable to comprehend what is happening. Kaveri screams that Bhagwan protected her, to which Damini responds that it was because of her understanding. Rahul asks what this nonsense is, but Mohan slaps him without even hearing him out.

Radha tries to explain, but Mohan says Rahul cannot utter a single word. Rahul responds that he would clarify if Mohan wasn’t accusing him of mistakes that he hadn’t even made. Kadambari also responds, saying that although she is aware of Rahul’s resentment against him, it does not follow that he would act in such a manner. When Munim jee is called into the home and asked how much money he had given Rahul in the previous month, Munim jee responds that he had given Rahul roughly two million rupees. Mohan then claims to have evidence against Rahul. Since they haven’t spoken in the previous several months, Rahul wonders why Munim would lie.

Munim responds by asking why he would. Damini believes she contacted Munim and urged him to say what she had instructed him or she would tell Mohan and Kadambari that he had used their money to buy his automobile. The dates line up with all the issues that occurred with them, including the engagement and when Gungun was tossed in the bore well, so Mohan responds that he would demonstrate the entries that indicate Rahul stole the money. Rahul makes an attempt to argue that Radha saved his life and that someone is scheming to have him arrested.

When Mohan requests confirmation from the Pandit jee that Rahul is the one who used to meet Hriday, he also enters. The Pandit turns to Damini and says he saw him with Hriday but couldn’t place him since he always wore a sarree. Damini believes that she met the Pujari as well and offered him twice as much so that he would identify Rahul. Ketki further argues that Rahul is incapable of doing anything so wicked. Radha attempts to get the pujari to stop and consider if he may be mistaken, but the pujari is certain it is Rahul. When asked who received the letter, Mohan says that Dulari, Ketki, and Kadambari told each other while Damini told him.

Rahul was the only one who kept it a secret; nonetheless, he also brought Gungun to the location where they had called him. When Hriday sprayed pepper spray on everyone else except him, Mohan wonders whether it’s just a coincidence that he was unable to capture him. Rahul is struck by Mohan once again. Radha sees Damini indicating Pujari jee, who then departs with Munim jee. Rahul was envious of Radha since he was going to send him out when he misbehaved with Radha, Mohan responds when Kadambari asks why Rahul would do anything. Rahul is the adversary of this home, according to Mohan, who says he used to believe that since he is young, he is prone to making such errors. Mohan is being mistaken, Radha attempts to tell him.

Rahul claims he now knows who is responsible for the humiliation since Radha started the quarrel between the two brothers and is now attempting to be nice. He makes a promise to give Radha a lesson but is again slapped by Mohan. Because Gungun asks Mohan to release Rahul as he stands between the two of them, Mohan wonders why she is shielding her uncle when it was his fault that she became stuck in the bore hole and he was behaving constantly. When Kadambari intervenes to stop Mohan from striking Rahul again, he declares that the police will henceforth do whatever they see appropriate. The whole family is in disbelief and motions for Mohan to stop, but Damini is still standing motionless and composed. Radha believes that everything is incorrect since Damini is the true offender and Rahul hasn’t done anything wrong.

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